Are Cockapoos Scared Of Fireworks

As with any animal, the answer to will your Cockapoo be scared of fireworks is really an unknown, mine is, but I know others that do not even flinch as the bangs and flashes start. Sadly, research that has been done shows that up to 62% of all dogs will show some alarm or distress as the fireworks start going off, although to different degrees.

There is some suggestion that certain breeds can show some form of noise phobia more so than others, two of which are herding and hunting dog breeds and this is why you will sometimes hear a noise phobia described as being gunshy. But, the good news is that there is no suggestion that cockapoos are any more likely to suffer than any other breed.

There are no hard and fast facts that are known as to what causes a dog to have a noise phobia or reaction to fireworks, but if you consider that a dogs hearing is superior to our own and their sensitivity to vibrations and air pressure is greater, it is probably not surprising that some might panic. 

How to recognise when your cockapoo is scared

·       Clinging to you

·       Panting

·       Trembling and shaking may occur

·       They may toilet  indoors

·       Hiding underneath something

·       Climbing or running around the room

Depending on the level of stress your cockapoo is feeling they could be showing one or all of these tell tale signs. 

What you can do to help

There are several things that you can try to help your Cockapoo should they become distressed, some can even be helped to a point that they no longer panic. This is by no means possible for all dogs though, and requires a lot of patience and time, while also seeking advice from professionals such as your vet or an animal behaviourist.

Prepare your dog

If you know there is going to be a fireworks display or that a storm is on its way, then plan in advance. You can do this by exercising your dog with an extra-long walk or play, it is known that a tired dog can be less prone to getting anxious. 

It might be very difficult, but try to make sure that your cockapoo is not home alone especially if they have any form of separation anxiety. 

Prepare a cosy hiding place

If your dog likes to hide during the fireworks then have a safe place prepared and ready for them to retreat to. They might well decide they want to pick their own hiding place in which case you should let them, never punish your dog because of the behaviour. 

Don’t over fuss

The temptation is great to over love your cockapoo while it is in distress, after all, it is human nature. Although opinion is split, a lot of people believe that this only reinforces the fact that the behaviour they are displaying is correct or good behaviour.

Close your windows and curtains

Even if it is not firework night and is in the middle of summer ensure that you close both your windows and curtains to reduce the noise level as much as possible. Before the fireworks start, turn on the TV or radio to normal sound level and act normal and try not to let your pet know that you are concerned as they will pick up on your change in behaviour. 

Feed early if required

If the timing of the firework display is after feeding time then feed your cockapoo early, especially if they have already had a nice long walk, as feeding will also help to reduce anxiety along with the fact that they will probably not eat the dog food when distressed. 

Keep your dog indoors

During firework season it is really important that you keep your pet inside if your dog is suddenly scared by a loud noise or unexpected bang, and flight can be their first instinct, making it is possible that they will jump over what they would not normally. 

Walk on a lead

Your dog will still need to be exercised during the firework season and unfortunately, people will let them off randomly creating the loud sounds that you are trying to avoid. While walking your dog keep them safe by having them on the lead. It might not feel natural if your pet is used to running free but the last thing you need is for your dog to take fright and run away, especially while it is in a state of panic. 

Seek professional help

Animal behaviourists can help to maybe desensitise your cockapoo, but this is a long a slow process and in no way a fast fix, they can also give advice you on what is best for your pet and you as the owner. 

There are some great natural remedies that can help in keeping your dog calm also the vet can help with tablets, I use them during the worst of the firework season, although I do appreciate that not all cockapoo owners will want to take that root. 


We hope that some of this information will help you and your gorgeous cockapoo through fireworks and storms. Not everything works for everyone but if you can find some way of at least just easing your pet’s distress then you will have done a good job as a responsible cockapoo owner.