Help! My Groomer Shaved My Cockapoo

I’ve seen this so many times on Facebook groups.

A cockapoo owner is distraught that their dogs been shaved.

They have a right to be. They probably sent their cockapoo in just to have a trim, maybe a nice shampoo and come back looking all nice and fluffy and knot-free.

However, I am here to try and help you explain why they might have been shaved and why it’s not the end of the world.

Why it was shaved off

All cockapoos coats are different. This is due to them being a mix of a poodle and spaniel.

If your dog has a more poodle coat then there’s a higher chance of tight curly knots developing (detangling sprays available here)

Cockapoos are hard to groom. When you take your dog to the groomers their job to have your dog leave their groomers knot-free and looking good.

Personally, I always think they should give you a call to let you know the situation and that the only option is to shave your dog to keep them knot-free. However, some don’t and then the owners turn up in shock which usually ends in the owner being upset with the groomer.

It grows back

Rather than being upset, I think you should look at it in a positive way.

Your dog’s fur will come back.

Sure, they will look a bit different and not like the dog you normally have.

Your dog will be happier as they are knot-free.

In the summer months they will be cooler and in the winter months getting mud off them will be easier.

We groom Luna ourselves, we bought some dog grooming scissors, watched some youtube videos and try and stay on top of the knots she can get. However, a few times a year we take to a professional groomer to have them give her a proper deep groom and cut her quite short. It is a shock when she comes back, but after a few weeks, she starts to look like the dog we used to have.

Tips to avoid having your dog shaved

When you drop your dog off make it clear to the groomer that if they need to shave them that they need to give you a quick call first to explain why. That way, you will not be as shocked when you pick them up.

Stay on top of the knots yourself – You can get yourself a pair of grooming scissors from your local pet store or from Amazon. These are the ones I use.

Don’t get me wrong, Luna was not a fan of me trimming her at first but after letting her know that she gets some nice treats throughout the process shes now more than happy to have a quick trim and actually gets excited when the scissors come out!


Don’t worry if your dog gets shaved, its still the same dog. Communicate with your groomer as to what you want and if anything changes they should call you first. Finally, hair grows back 🙂