Five Signs You’re Ready to Get Another Cockapoo!        

Having a Cockapoo in your life means each day something interesting is going to happen; it’s exciting, rewarding, and a lot of fun. A Cockapoo means there’s always something going on in the home!

However, after a while, you may begin to believe that “having one Cockapoo is excellent…

“How about having two Cockapoos?”

Whether or not you should get a second Cockapoo isn’t a simple question with a straightforward answer that works for everyone; some individuals love it, while others don’t. 

As a responsible pet owner, you want to ensure you (and your Cockapoo) are prepared in the best possible way before adding a second doggy member to your household.

But how can you tell if adding a new Cockapoo to your family is the correct decision? As a responsible and loving dog owner, how do you know if you’re ready for a second Cockapoo?

Establish The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Second Cockapoo

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First, let’s look at some possible benefits and drawbacks of adding a second Cockapoo to your household.


Getting a getting a second cockapoo has several advantages:

  • Having a second Cockapoo means your dog will always have a playmate. Even though you adore your dog, there will be times when you must leave them at home alone, and Cockapoos can suffer from separation anxiety. A second Cockapoo in the house means your pet will never be lonely and always have company.
  • Two Cockapoos are sure to exhaust each other because, typically, they are high-energy dogs (giving you a much needed break). For some dog owners, constant running, playing, and other dog-related exercises are a joy. But for others, not so much, and it can get pretty tiring at times. Two Cockapoos mean they can play together and tire each other out while you watch over them and take a bit of a break from having to think up games and different exercises for your dog. 
  • With two Cockapoos, there’s twice as much love to go around. One of the greatest feelings in the world is to be loved by your dog. There’s double the love with two dogs—and it’s even better!


Having two Cockapoos is not always sunshine and roses, and it’s only fair to look at some of the negatives of owning two livewire dogs like the Cockapoo.

  • Two Cockapoos means you should expect to put in twice as much effort. You have to feed two dogs, walk two dogs, and pick up after two dogs; you really shouldn’t take that lightly, especially if one Cockapoo tries your patience.
  • There would be double the expenses if you have two Cockapoos, and I know that sounds obvious, but some dog owners forget the cost in their excitement because they want a second dog so badly. Think about this for a moment; everything costs twice as much if you have two dogs: twice as much food, twice as much veterinary care, and so on. Having two dogs is undoubtedly a financial burden, and dog care doesn’t come cheap, as I’m sure you’re aware.
  • When holidays come around, planning for two dogs gets more complicated. Even if you intend to take your Cockapoos with you, some accommodations will accept one but not two dogs. Finding a reliable pet sitter can be challenging with one dog; what about getting a sitter for two dogs while you’re away? That’s going to present an even bigger problem.

How To Know If You Are Ready For A Second Cockapoo?

We’ve discussed the pros and cons of getting a second Cockapoo, so let’s talk about getting a second cockapoo for your family.

Are All The Family On The Same Page?

No matter how desperate you might be for your second Cockapoo, it’s a terrible idea if the rest of the family disagrees, including your current Cockapoo. Of course, your dog doesn’t get a vote, but joking apart, are you sure your dog wants a playmate?

It’s vital to get the support of everyone in your household before deciding on getting a second dog. We’ve mentioned that two dogs can be a lot of work for you, other family members, and the dog. In addition, if you don’t have the support of your loved ones, it can feel like a drag to all concerned.

Thinking about how your current Cockapoo will react when a new dog comes home would be a good idea. Does your Cockapoo have a history of being aggressive or unfriendly to other dogs they happen to meet? If that’s the case, it’s a bit of a recipe for disaster before you even start.

Financially Is A Second Cockapoo An Issue?

As we indicated previously, having 2 cockapoos together comes at an expensive cost. Before you bring a second Cockapoo into your home, have you thoroughly worked out all the expenses that may be involved, even factoring in the extra cost of vets bills that you may or may not incur? 

 You might consider cutting your expenses to ensure you can afford getting a second cockapoo, but can you maintain that situation for a long time? Don’t get another dog if you feel those sacrifices won’t be worth it in the long run.

Do You Have The Necessary Time And Energy For Another Cockapoo?

As you’re undoubtedly aware, dog ownership necessitates a significant investment of time and effort on the owner’s part. In contrast, raising t2 cockapoos together is much more work, and time and energy can be a serious concern.

Incorporating a new Cockapoo member into the family can be challenging on several fronts. Your present dog and your new dog will require a lot of love, care, and attention for the transfer to go smoothly. If you’re pushed for time, have a busy schedule, or don’t want to spend your free time and energy integrating a second dog into your family, it would pay you to reconsider your decision. 

Do You Have Room For 2 Cockapoos Together?

If you’re seriously thinking about getting a second cockapoo, you’ll want to be sure you have enough room.

Is your house big enough to accommodate 2 cockapoos without them suffocating each other and continually getting under your feet? 

In addition, if you take your present Cockapoo in the car with you, will there be plenty of room to add another one? Do you allow your Cockapoo to sleep on your bed? Can you see yourself with two full-grown Cockapoos vying for space on your bed? It will take much more living area to accommodate 2 cockapoos together.

Are You Happy To Train Another Cockapoo?

You’ve been through the training process with your present Cockapoo; are you willing to put yourself through that again? Naturally, bringing a young dog or a puppy into a house where there’s already a trained dog is somewhat easier because the older dog will certainly help with the training, simply by your new addition watching and learning. Still, it does represent a reasonable amount of time and effort on your part.

Is Another Dog Allowed In Your Home?

If you own your home, then you have no issue with this. However, if you rent your home, that can be an issue. A landlord might have permitted one dog, but that might not be true for multiple dogs. Before bringing home a second Cockapoo, you might need to check your lease agreement. The last thing you need is to fall foul of your landlord.

2 Cockapoos Together

Cockapoos are amiable dogs, and bringing another home shouldn’t cause too many problems. However, it’s always a good idea to introduce them slowly. The last thing you want is your present Cockapoo to have its nose pushed out.

Jills Story on Bringing a Second Cockapoo Into Her House

Jill had been considering getting a second cockapoo for quite some time but always held back due to the fear that her beloved pet Barney would not get along with another pup. But when she heard about a rescue cockapoo needing a home, Jill couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

To her surprise and delight, Barney welcomed Tilly into their family with open paws and loving snuggles. Soon enough, they were running around together, happily exploring the world outside. In no time, they became best friends, and Jill was overjoyed to have 2 cockapoos together.

Final Thoughts

Providing you have given all the above reasons considerable thought and you’re sure about getting a second Cockapoo, I can tell you I know of two families that brought home a second Cockapoo and have never looked back. 

One family’s Cockapoo had terrible separation anxiety, and bringing home another dog undoubtedly helped the older dog settle a lot better than when they were left alone. All the bad behaviour, such as destructive chewing, stopped practically overnight. The other family’s Cockapoo had a massive surplus of energy, and playing with the second dog tired him out so much he falls asleep when they’d been to the park together.

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