How Do I Stop My Cockapoo Jumping On The Sofa

Allowing your Cockapoo to cuddle on the couch is very much a personal choice; however, some people are dead set against having potentially muddy paws and hair all over their sofa.

Whether you are implementing this rule for the first time with a new puppy or have changed your mind after previously allowing your Cockapoo on the sofa, we have some pointers to help you both succeed.

Your Cockapoo shouldn’t be allowed to sleep on the couch if they don’t want to share the space or growl if someone attempts to sit there with them. You must rein in this behaviour because it’s a sort of resource-guarding. Remember, whichever way you decide is acceptable as long as you and your family agree on whether or not your dog can sit on the couch. 

It is unfair and confusing to your Cockapoo and inadequate training if some family members allow the dog on the furniture while others make them get down.

Why Does Your Cockapoo Like The Sofa Anyway?

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Every dog’s actions are motivated by a desire to do something they enjoy. We don’t reward our dogs because they choose the floor over the sofa, do we? So, if they can jump up onto the sofa, which, let’s face it, is a far warmer and more comfortable spot than a hard floor, why wouldn’t a dog pick the couch or chair?

Dogs are not humans; they don’t understand rules or etiquette; they simply do things that make them happy. It’s up to owners to train their dogs not to do something that makes us uncomfortable.

Don’t Punish Your Cockapoo

Many dog owners use punishment to get their dog to quit climbing on the couch. When they catch the dog on the sofa, they scold or even smack them (which is a big no-no anyway). 

Punishment only makes the dog behave furtively, and they quickly realise the best time to be on the sofa or chair is when you’re out of the room. All you’ve accomplished here is replacing one problem with another that’s typically more difficult to train against. 

There are better ways to encourage your dog not to climb on the couch whether you’re in the room or not. The trick is to make the dog enjoy being on the floor.

Here are some easy-to-manage tips to help you stop your Cockapoo from jumping on the Sofa.

Consistency Is Key

Keep your dog off the furniture by being consistent. Everyone in the household should agree to a “no dogs permitted” policy so that your dog doesn’t get confused about what’s acceptable and what’s not. By implication, everyone in your household, including your parents, children, grandparents, and guests, needs to be on the same page.  It will be easier on your Cockapoo if everyone holds them to the same rules. 

As a puppy, it’s better to keep your dog off the couch because it’s much more challenging to get him to stop doing it once he becomes used to it.

Give Your Cockapoo Their Own Space

If you don’t want your Cockapoo on the sofa, make sure they have their own comfortable spot. Choose a doughnut-style bed instead of a flat bed for your dog, so they have something to rest their chin. 

If you have more than one family room, place a bed in each, and position it close to where the family tends to sit.

Treat-stuffed toys can be a great way to make his favorite bed even more appealing. It won’t take long for your Cockapoo to associate their bed with treats. 

Ways To Keep Your Cockapoo Off The Sofa When You’re Not There

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot manage your Cockapoo when you’re out of the room or the house. If you feel you cannot trust the dog to stay off the furniture, your alternative is to make it impossible for them to get on there in the first place.

The method I suggest is placing a Couch Defender on your chair or sofa. The chair or sofa defender is a lightweight and humane method of keeping dogs on the floor. Many dog trainers advocate using upturned boxes, chairs and sometimes resorting to ways that either scare or make a dog uncomfortable. I don’t subscribe to these solutions. A chair/sofa defender accomplishes the same without your Cockapoo being startled, shocked, or in any other way made uncomfortable.

Teach Your Cockapoo The “OFF” Command

You need to teach Your Cockapoo the “off” command, an easy cue to get them off the furniture. You can accomplish this by placing a favourite treat on the ground three to four feet from where your dog is now lying on the couch. 

As your dog gets up from the couch, say “off” and make a sweeping hand gesture. You’re effectively teaching your dog English (and sign language) by speaking the command as your dog performs the activity. Lead your dog to their bed and reward them again with a treat and bags of praise. Remember to reinforce the praise each time your Cockapoo chooses the bed rather than the sofa. 

Final Thoughts

Most time, dog owners are reactive rather than proactive. In other words, they only react with irritation when their dog does something wrong. A better way to train your Cockapoo is by reinforcing good behaviour. 

Instead of waiting for your dog to misbehave, reward their good behaviour, for example, as I mentioned earlier when I suggested rewarding your Cockapoo for choosing their bed rather than the sofa.