Ways To Make Your Cockapoo Eat Slower

Does your Cockapoo eat way too fast? Do they either gulp the food down or suck it up like a vacuum? Either way, it’s a common problem with many dogs, but it can be a harmful habit that you should try to break for their health’s sake.

Why Does My Cockapoo Eat So Fast?

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Before we talk about how you can slow your Cockapoo down at mealtimes, we should first consider why it happens. 

If we disregard the apparent reason that your dog simply loves their food, there could also be other reasons:


Competition: Dogs that are fast eaters may feel the need to eat rapidly to prevent other dogs from taking their food. As a puppy, along with their littermates, they may have competed for food. Although your dog is the only one in the house, they may incorrectly see other household members as competitors, including cats and humans.

Irregular Feeding: If you adopted an older dog, it’s conceivable that their previous owners didn’t feed them correctly or on a regular schedule, so they eat as if they don’t know how long it will be until the next meal. 

Poor Nutrition: Your dog’s food may be to blame. Some foods lack the correct nutritional balance. Have a word with your vet about your dog’s dietary needs and get some high-quality food advice.

Medical Conditions: It’s feasible that your dog’s excessive hunger is due to an underlying medical condition. The metabolism and appetite of your dog can be affected by diabetes and Cushing’s syndrome. Other parasites, such as worms, may also be at blame.

Why Is Eating Too Fast Bad For My Cockapoo?

Dogs that eat too quickly suck in air with their food. In the stomach, food and air expand, creating pain and a great deal of discomfort. Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GVD), or bloat, might cause your dog to vomit or regurgitate the food.


The reasons for this are not clear; however, one theory is that a dog overeats and gulps air into his stomach, which then expands with the food. The stomach may then twist or rupture. GVD is a severe and life-threatening medical problem; surgery is often the only option.

How To Slow Your Cockapoo Down At Mealtimes

What can you do to slow your Cockapoo down at mealtimes if there isn’t a medical cause for it? In addition to making alterations to your dog’s environment, you can also consider changing the way you feed your dog.

Give Your Cockapoo Space

Try giving your Cockapoo its own area to eat if they feel a sense of competitiveness at mealtime. Put your dog in another room with a door or gate until they’ve finished eating instead of putting their bowl in the kitchen with everyone else. Eating alone can eliminate any feelings of competition for the food.

Invest In Quality Food For Your Cockapoo

As a  loving dog owner, I’m sure you want to ensure that your pet gets all of the necessary nutrients and a well-balanced diet. Preservatives abound in many shelf-stable dog foods, which deprive dogs of the essential nutrients and vitamins they require.

Introduce Your Cockapoo To A Special Food Bowl

You can also slow down a fast eater by having them work for every bite. The Iokheira Dog Slow Feeder Bowl or Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle dog toy will not only slow them down but keep their minds occupied as they figure out how to get to their food.


Check out these additional dog slow feeder bowls: Tineer Double Dog Slow Feeder Bowl and the Croci Steel Slow Eating bowl.

Increase Number Of Feedings

Rather than feeding your dog a large meal once a day, divide it into smaller portions and feed it twice or three times a day. Unfortunately, this method probably won’t stop your Cockapoo from gulping down its food; however, on the positive side, they are less likely to suffer bloat (GVD) if they eat smaller meals.

Hand Feed Your Cockerpoo

Although this is the most time-consuming method of feeding your dog, it will slow them down. However, not everyone has the time every day for this, and once you give up and put the food back into a bowl, they’ll probably go back to gulping their food.

Final Thoughts

While the cause of your Cockapoo’s gulping habits may not be serious in itself, if left uncontrolled, they can lead to a health problem. 


When you see your Cockapoo gobbling their meal, remember what might appear to be a harmless activity could have significant consequences for their health.