How High Can a Cockapoo Jump?

Rather than just being important from idle curiosity, the question of how high a cockapoo can jump is a serious one. When you bring a new dog into your home, especially one you are growing in love with and spent a lot of money on, the last thing you want is for them to escape by jumping over the garden wall or fence. You also don’t want your dog jumping up onto kitchen counters a lot. With all this in mind, then, how high can a cockapoo jump?

Consider The Parents

Keep in mind the parents of a cockapoo are a cocker spaniel and a poodle. The former is a breed known to be very adept at jumping, with many being able to scale 5-feet high walls and other obstacles. While it’s not always cut and dry that a subsequent cockapoo will take on all the traits of his or her parents, it’s worth being aware of the possibility.

Can Cockapoos Jump Onto Kitchen Counters?

In many ways, this should be seen as a separate question to that of how high a cockapoo can jump. Just because a cockapoo can jump high, doesn’t necessarily mean it will try to jump up onto your kitchen worktops. Well-behaved dogs will only jump high onto countertops if they are being naughty, or they strongly suspect you have something tasty for them.

With my cockapoo, Luna, I have never had a problem with her jumping up onto our kitchen worktops. She has never really seemed that interested.

Fencing In the Garden

The biggest concern with dogs and their ability to jump high is that they might escape the safe confines of your home or garden. Not only could this mean that your dog goes missing and potentially lost forever, but it could also mean they run into the road and have a severe or even fatal accident.

Rather than never allowing your cockapoo the freedom to go into the garden to burn off all that excess energy they have, the best solution would be to invest in a fence.

You’re probably miles ahead of me and already thinking, “how tall should the fence be?”

Again, this is a tricky question because how high each cockapoo can jump will be different. However, if you are looking for absolute peace of mind, the safest bet would be to erect a 6-foot or higher fence, based on what you can afford. That way, you know they are unlikely to be able to scale it.

To give your fence a little extra height and function as a deterrent for your dog, you could add an added layer at the top of wiring or spikes.

The great thing about having a tall fence in your garden, aside from keeping your cockapoo in, is that it could keep unwanted animals and people out and provide you with some excellent privacy too.