Cockapoo Vomiting

We care deeply about our dogs, so it can be distressing when your cockapoo gets sick or starts vomiting, especially if it’s not food and yellow bile. That is why I wanted to put together a post about cockapoo vomiting, looking at the possible causes and how you could help your dog stop it.

What is Causing Your Cockapoo To Vomit?

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As with humans, you need to think about what could be causing your cockapoo to vomit to help get to a solution. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has he or she eaten anything different, had a diet change or potentially eaten something they or shouldn’t have?
  • Have they been anywhere new or different?
  • Has he or she been eating and drinking normally?

It may be that by answering the above questions, you discover the root cause. However, if the answers to those questions do not provide a suitable answer, you may need to speak to the vet. Before you do that, it may be worth considering something you may not have realised about cockapoos and dogs’ stomachs.

Understanding Cockapoos Stomachs

When cockapoos and other dogs have too big a gap between meals, stomach acid can build up in their stomach and irritate them, causing them to vomit yellow bile. Therefore, if you think there is a long gap between dinner and breakfast, it may be worth making sure that your cockapoo has a small extra meal before bedtime so they don’t feel like there is as big a gap.

Another consideration you need to take on board is that as cockapoos are a smaller dog breed, they do not have particularly big stomachs. This means that their stomachs will get empty quicker than other breeds. So, rather than feeding your cockapoo two larger meals at either end of the day, it may be a good idea to try feeding them smaller meals more often throughout the day.

Our Experience With Luna

We had our own experience with Luna vomiting up yellow bile in the morning. We discovered that she usually did this because she hadn’t eaten, like in the example above. To deal with it we always give her a chew treat before proper food. Fortunately, she hasn’t vomited yellow bile in a long time now.


Unless there is a serious medical problem that you should have assessed and diagnosed by your vet, when your cockapoo vomits yellow bile, it is usually a sign that they are hungry. By adjusting their eating schedule and ensuring that they do not have too long a gap between meals, even at night, you can prevent your dog from being sick.

If it persists after trying the suggestions above, we recommend you speak to your vet.