How Long Can a Cockapoo How Its Bladder?

Even before you bring your new cockapoo home, you likely understand that your schedule and lifestyle will have to change. In a similar way to bringing a new baby into the house, this will include making sure your young cockapoo has a sufficient number of toilet breaks. Different puppies, even within the same breed, have different needs from one another.

So, it will really come down to working out what your cockapoo needs. This is only something you will really work out over time.

Puppies and Their Bladders – General Rule of Thumb

Although every dog will indeed be different, there is a way you can work out the average amount of time a puppy, whether cockapoo or not, can hold its bladder safely. According to the American Kennel Club, the rule of thumb is that most puppies, including cockapoos, can hold their bladders for the same number of hours as they are months old (this only is used up to the age of approximately 9 months though).

Our Experience With Luna

With our own cockapoo Luna, we started leaving her at home while she was still a puppy. We left the house at 10 am and my wife, Emma, would come home at 12 to let her out for the toilet. Then she would be left again until I came home at 2 pm to let her out.

Basically, we never left her for more than a few hours on her own, with two hours being the maximum we tried to stick with.


When you are training cockapoos to be clean and go outside to do the toilet, you need to be consistent with ensuring they can do this. If you leave a dog too long on its own or do not let it out for the toilet, it can damage its bladder if it tries to hold it in or you could simply end up with a lot of mess on the floor.