Why is My Cockapoo Always Hungry?

Like humans, dogs need to eat to survive and have happy and healthy lives. It is crucial, therefore, to make sure your cockapoo has access to food regularly. The amount of food that is right for your cockapoo will depend on many factors, including whether they are still a puppy or adult, their weight,  the amount of activity they participate in and if they have any existing medical conditions.

What can you do if your cockapoo is always hungry? That is what we are going to look at in the following post.

Different Perspectives On the Same Problem

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Without getting too deep, you need to realise that there could be a variety of reasons why your dog is heating too much. This is why we will look at the problem from different viewpoints.

From a Biological Perspective

Many experts think that dogs that eat too much are following their primal survival instincts to eat as much as possible. Whereas other specialists believe that there may be a case if a cockapoo has been rescued from a situation where they were starved, they know exactly what that feels like; therefore crave and eat food constantly to prevent it from happening again.

Behavioural Perspective

From a behavioural perspective, there are a variety of issues that could be affected your cockapoo’s appetite. Issues like a new dog or pet coming into your home could trigger a perceived competitiveness for food, a change to their feeding schedule, or the type of food they are given.

The Role Exercise Plays

Furthermore, you need also to determine whether your cockapoo is getting adequate exercise or if there have been any changes in how much attention they have been getting. M#

Medical Perspective

From a medical perspective, there are various things you need to look out for to figure out whether your dog’s eating habits mean he or she needs to be taken to the vet. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this something that only recently started, or has your cockapoo always had an enormous appetite?
  • What is your dog eating currently? Have there been any changes made to his or her diet?
  • Does your cockapoo have a good bill of health?
  • How much does your cockapoo weigh?
  • Has your cockapoo had loose stools or bouts of vomiting?
  • Does your cockapoo get wormed regularly?
  • Is your cockapoo on any medication at the moment?

The answers to these questions could help you and, more likely, your vet determine if there is a medical reason your cockapoo’s appetite has increased, especially if there is no reason for the change.

Hungry or Just Greedy?

Another aspect of this problem you must consider is whether your dog is hungry or greedy. To tackle this, you could offer your cockapoo a harder-to-eat treat like a bone to chew on. These take longer for your dog to work through, and their serotonin levels increase while working through the bone, which can relax them.