Pet Hair Removers For Your Washing Machine

It is a fact that we all love our pets, but dealing with their constant shedding of hairs can be a nightmare, and although some cockapoos are low shedding, not all are, Luna is not and is prone to shed hair.

This constant shedding of your pet’s hair can become a real frustration when inevitably the hair remains on your laundry after washing. Yes, we have lint rollers, brushes and probably a cupboard full of gadgets that you have tried over the years, these can be great for the odd quick brush before leaving the house but not what you want to be using after doing the laundry. 

There is nothing worse than when you have only just taken your favourite jumper or trousers from the washing machine, only to discover that the pet hair remains. Some of the gadgets may really only be any good at picking off the loose hairs before running out of the door. 

In this article, we will review some of the best pet hair removers for your washing machine that will help you on your way to having pet hair-free laundry. 

What can you do to help before washing?

Tips to help take the pressure off the washing machine first, try to groom your pet regularly, this should be done anyway and if your dog or cat likes to sleep in a certain place then place an easily washable cover or sheet. 

Always remove as much of the excess pet hair that you can from your items with a quick shake or brush, you will be surprised at how much this will actually help with the problem hairs getting into your washer and dryer. 

Clean your washer and dryer out regularly, either by wiping or vacuuming any hairs remaining from previous washes. As good as your washing machine is, even with the pet hair removal discs and balls they can only do so much, help them on their way and you will get the results that you want.

Our top 4 pet hair removers for your washing machine 

1. Reusable Hair Removal Discs for Washing Machine and Dryer

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First up we have this pack of four reusable pet hair remover paw discs. This is a design that is particularly good as they can not only be used in your washer and dryer but also, an added bonus, you can use them directly on your clothes or furniture to remove any stray pet hair that is there quickly and easily.

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  • Can be used directly on clothes etc
  • Good for both washer and dryer
  • Easy use and clean with a simple rinse
  • Reusable

Measuring 10 cms diameter and 1.5 cms depth these are a good size, made from a PU glue they are extremely soft and durable, so if you are having problems with your laundry still having pet hair on they may well be the ones for you.   

2. Segminismart Pet Hair Removers and Catcher for Washing Machines 

The second we are going to take a look at is from Segminismart, a name you may recognise as they have a large range of products on the market. These are slightly different from the first one in the fact that they have a mesh to catch and trap your annoying pet hairs. 

  • Mesh net or lint trap for catching and containing hairs
  • Works in both your washer and dryer
  • Reusable and simple to use
  • The downside is front loader machines only

These are made from high-quality material and can be reused, but the best feature has to be the mesh filter bag for catching any hairs, lint or fine debris that they loosen and remove them during the washing. 

3. 12pc Reusable Washing Machine Pet Hair and Lint Remover Balls

This washer and dryer ball design from QWEPU is made using nylon, making it sturdy and durable. It is reusable and works well for removing not only dog hairs but bobbles and lint from clothes. 

The hook surface is quite unique for its lint-grabbing microfibers, collecting debris as it washes. Simple clean the balls off and use again. These are multi-purpose and will work in both your washing machine and dryer, even helping your laundry to dry faster causing fewer creases to occur. 

  • Multi-purpose
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Cannot be used with woollen items

Provided with a plush finish these laundry balls for removing pet hair and lint will not damage or disfigure your laundry.

4. 8 Piece Hair Removal Laundry Balls

The last on our top 4 pet hair removers is one from SouFace and is very similar to number 3, with the same nylon hooks and plush finish these are quick and easy to use and can be used multiple times. Made to a good quality they are durable and for the small investment made will be worth every penny. 

These will not just catch the lint and pet hairs they do actually help to give you cleaner washing. 

  • Removes lint and pet hair
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Can be put in the washer and the dryer
  • Cannot be used with woollen items

Another good product if you have excess hair in your washing machine or on your laundry after doing your washing.  


As with all products that are on the market these days. there are a lot of choices out there and when looking for your pet hair removers for washing machines it will be no different.

Some you may find will work better for you than others and if for example, if you are washing your cockapoos bed to freshen it up, with the number of hairs that may be on it, you might find that you will have to put it through another wash cycle to eliminate them completely. 

Here I would like to say that I have noticed that some people actually run the laundry through the dryer for ten minutes on cold, this seems to help loosen the fabric and release the tightly woven hairs making it easier to finish off in the wash.