Is Your Cockapoo Anti-Social?

An anti-social Cockapoo, have you ever heard anything like it? It is very unlikely that you have had the experience of meeting an anti-social Cockapoo, but animals are animals and they are all different. 

Luna may be the perfect example as she doesn’t really care much for other dogs, or strangers come to think of, but maybe this is due to just wanting our attention and her tennis ball. But I would not like to say she is anti-social just uninterested. 

Being bred from a cocker spaniel and a poodle, specifically chosen for the traits that each dog breed, is what makes cockapoos one of the most loving, loyal and intelligent dogs of the hybrid breeds. 

What is anti-social behaviour?

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Anti-social behaviour comes in many forms and degrees, we all want our dogs to be well behaved and socialise so why do some not want to do this. As an example, you take your dog for a walk and being as gorgeous as cockapoos are people naturally want to say hi and stroke them, but they pull away or just don’t want to know. 

Just like people, all dogs have their own personalities and not wanting to be stroked by strangers is just like us not wanting to talk to everybody we meet. Maybe you want them to play and romp with other dogs while you walk in the park, but all your dog does is have a quick sniff and wander off in its own direction. 

Don’t worry this can be perfectly normal behaviour and in fact, a lot of people would probably love their pets to be like yours if the truth be known. As long as it is not because they are stressed or anxious about a situation, then they are just enjoying doing what they want to do. 

But there are some anti-social behaviours that are not quite so desired some of which I will touch on below. 

Unwanted barking

Anti-social behaviour can be varied and some behaviour is worse than others, I think we will all agree that unwanted barking is probably the worst behaviour a dog can display. 

This occurs for various reasons, with boredom or attention-seeking being the most common causes, cockapoos are intelligent dogs and as such can become bored with something quite quickly. 

You will be pleased to hear that neither cocker spaniels nor poodles are normally problematic barkers, meaning that your cockapoo is unlikely to be either, make sure you keep your cockapoo stimulated with toys, plays and walks and you will help avoid this problem. 


You might not feel that begging or nudging you while you are eating is anti-social behaviour, but even if you don’t mind at times your cockapoo will only become more persistent if allowed to carry on and will not understand that sometimes it is ok but other times not. 

Begging is a problem that is normally encouraged by the owner because they cannot resist that friendly loving look and reward the behaviour with the treat that was being sought. Fortunately, with a little patience and 100% consistency, this behaviour can be corrected. 

Attention seeking

This can be a trait of the cockapoo as they are such a loving and loyal breed, but if not kept in check this behaviour, as lovely as it might be, can also become a problem. 

The dog should know its place in the home, as if it rules the roost there it will think it can rule the roost anywhere. Meaning that your lovely cockapoo could possibly not show correct behavioural traits to other people or animals.  

Give love and attention but only on your terms, they must be taught that no more means no more. 


Unfortunately, it is normally the dog owner that will create a lot of the anti-social behaviour that I have talked about. 

We have all met that person who is out walking a lovely calm dog and as you approach suddenly shouts to you ‘don’t come too close my dog doesn’t like other dogs’. Sadly a lot of the time this statement couldn’t be further from the truth, just an owner not fully understanding the dog.

Unless there is proven cause not to let the dog mix, in which case the help of a dog behaviourist or trainer may be needed, they should be allowed to greet and mix with other dogs. Lack of socialising is the biggest cause of any anti-social behaviour that a dog may display. 

It is very rare that you will see true antisocial behaviour, but that being said it can happen, as with any animal there will always be one or two that are the exception, cockapoos are actually known to be one of the most social breeds and will normally love everyone and everything they meet.