Pomeranian Cockapoo Mix

Are you interested in owning a cockapoo but are worried that it might be a bit too big, even though they are not that big? Another choice offers some of the same characteristics and personality traits of a cockapoo in a slightly smaller canine package – the Pomeranian Cockapoo Mix. This is a loyal, affectionate, intelligent crossbreed with a stubborn and independent streak. Before you start speaking to breeders, please take a look at this guide that we have put together, which discusses everything you could want to know about the Pomeranian Cockapoo Mix.

What is a Pomeranian Cockapoo Mix?

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The Pomeranian Cockapoo Mix, as you may have guessed from the name, is a crossbreed between a Cockapoo and a Pomeranian. One of the key differences between this and a cockapoo is that although it has a mix of three different breeds, it is much more Pomeranian than a cocker spaniel or poodle.

To understand this mix better, let’s take each breed separately, starting with the Pomeranian.

What Are Pomeranians Like?

Pomeranians are small but very lively dogs that have a lot of energy they need to use. They are also incredibly curious and have the potential to get into a lot of trouble if they are not provided with enough stimulation or space. However, they are generally very lovable and sociable dogs that thrive with other people. Pomeranians are much smaller than cockapoos, measuring around 7 inches tall and weighing a maximum of 7 pounds. A major advantage is that a Pom has a longer lifespan than many other breeds, living to around 16 years.


Cockapoos are the result of cross-breeding poodles with cocker spaniels. Cockapoos are famous for being very affectionate, intelligent and friendly. They are available in various colours and coat styles, but you will usually find them in gold, white, brown, chocolate, or apricot. Like Poms, cockapoos are also very intelligent and have a loving nature. They thrive on getting attention from other people and other animals too.

Overview of the Pomeranian Cockapoo Mix

When crossbred, Pomeranians and cockapoos create a dog that offers many of the best qualities of its parent breeds. They require a lot of patience, attention and care, but as true of any dog breed, it shouldn’t be seen as a reason not to welcome one into your home. With the right care and attention, they can be a very loyal and loving family member. In the next sections, we are going to look at some important aspects of the Pomeranian Cockapoo Mix that you should take into consideration when deciding whether it is suitable for your family or not.


For the most part, you will find that a Pomeranian Cockapoo mix that is well looked after, fit and healthy is a very happy dog indeed. They are also extremely loyal and follow their owners wherever they go. Be careful, though, as they are known to protect their pack members from anyone and anything they perceive as threats.

Thanks to their Pom traits, they can also be a bit sassy, are very loud and have a bit of an attitude. Pom Cockapoo, mix breeds dogs, are happy to let everyone know who they are and where they are. The problem with the sassy side of their temperament is that they can get themselves into trouble by starting fights with others, especially if they have not been properly socialised from an early age.


Owing to the large percentage of Pomeranian in their genetic makeup, Pom Cockapoo mixes tend to be very small dogs that don’t grow much taller than 10 and 15 inches and only weigh under 10 pounds. This is why it may be a good idea to avoid getting a Pom cockapoo mix if you have small children who could accidentally trip over them. As we previously noted, Pom Cockapoo is not afraid to vocalise its presence.


Just like their parent breeds, Pomeranian Cockapoo mixes often have incredible colouration. The predominant colours are often brown or tan. This is because they inherit more of their Pom parent’s genetics than the Cockapoo, so that they will have a very Pom colour. As it’s always a bit of a gamble and a lottery, crossbreeding, don’t be dismayed as there have been plenty of Pom Cockapoo mixes with different colourations taken from other parts of the mix. Some are even bi- or tri-colour, so there is no shortage of exciting colours.

Grooming Requirements for Pomeranian Cockapoo Mix

The Pomeranian Cockapoo will need a lot of grooming. Even though they only shed mildly, they still need a lot of fluffing, trimming, and brushing. Expect to groom them daily, particularly if you don’t want to run into problems with their fur-developing mats and knots.

It’s not just for the aesthetics that you should ensure you groom your Pom Cockapoo regularly – matted coats can be extremely painful for our canine buddies and can be the perfect place for bacteria, insects and other pests to hide and cause problems. There are many indicators of disease in your dog’s hair, so it’s a good idea to keep your Pom Cockapoo trimmed, maintained and clean.

This will make it much easier for your vet to spot any health issues during check-ups.

Exercise Requirements

Just as a cockapoo needs exercise every day, a Pomeranian cockapoo mix will need almost just as much. To make things easier, you could combine a walk with some playtime. As they are much smaller than cockapoos, they do not need quite as much exercise to stay happy, content, fit and healthy.

You should aim for about 30 minutes of exercise daily for your Pom Cockapoo mix to ensure they stay healthy and for a long time. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or particular, to be precise. A simple walk around your local neighbourhood or block can do wonders for your dog’s health and immune system.


While they are still intelligent, they are far more stubborn than their parent breeds. This can make it hard when you are just starting to train them, and they don’t want to respond to your verbal commands and other training methods you use. It is important to remember that all the hard work will pay off. Eventually, you need to persevere and have a lot of patience. Training treats are also a great incentive to help your dog learn quickly that it’s a good thing to obey your commands.

Another key to successful Pom Cockapoo training is to have happy energy and excessive praise whenever they do something right or well, as this will help them to feel more excited and motivated to train. Finally, you may also want to make a schedule and stick to it. This is as much for your benefit as it is for the dogs. When you have a schedule mapped out, that you can follow, you will be more consistent and have a better chance of success with your training.

Their Diet

The Pomeranian cockapoo mixed breed may require special attention regarding feeding. This is because the dog comes from three different parents, essentially. The fact that they have more breeds in their bloodline means your Pom Cockapoo mix breed could be more prone to stomach issues. The best way to approach this is to choose a very gentle food with no harmful food dyes or by-products that are likely to trigger problems. When trying to find the right food for your Pomeranian Cockapoo mix, you may find that they show signs of not liking a particular type of food or that their stomach is not handling it. Watch out for symptoms such as excessive gas, a loss in appetite, diarrhoea, or vomiting to determine whether it’s time to change to a different type of food.

Possible Health Problems

While it’s good to note that Pomeranian Cockapoo mixed breeds don’t tend to have any specific susceptibility to health problems or conditions because of their Poodle grandparent, they may, as noted above, have a more sensitive stomach. Another potential problem that can affect Pomeranian Cockapoo dogs just as it can cockapoos is joint dysplasia. You also need to be aware that because of their strong attachment to their pack members, they can have extraordinarily strong separation anxiety if you or someone else in your home stays away for extended periods.

When Was The First Pomeranian Cockapoo bred?

There is not much information about who started the trend of Pomeranian Cockapoo dogs. We know that they have become increasingly popular in a short time.

Are Pomeranian Cockapoo Mixed Breeds A Good Choice for Children?

If you have small children and a growing family, you may be curious if Pomeranian Cockapoo mixes are a good choice for your household. The short answer is yes. They will, though, need lots of supervision around children. Your children may need to be trained to respect your new dog’s boundaries. Fortunately, the breed is also fantastically energetic, so will enjoy playtime with your small children. As they are small enough to qualify as lap dogs, you will find it easy enough to lift them up and put them somewhere else when they have had too much playing.


Taking everything we have said into consideration, it is clear to see, we hope, that a Pomeranian Cockapoo dog may be a good choice if you want some of the great benefits of having a cockapoo but need something a little smaller.

They are very trainable and happy-go-lucky, but as with any dog, those traits can quickly disappear if you are not consistent and your dog does not think it is getting what it deserves, whether that is food, exercise or attention.

So be prepared for a battle of wills and determination if you take on a Pomeranian Cockapoo.  Before making your final decision, weigh the good and the bad and consider seeing if you can visit some Pomeranian Cockapoo puppies to see if they are a good match for you and your family.

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