Snuffle Mats and Why Your Cockapoo Will Love Them

If there’s one toy my cockapoo Luna loves most, it’s her snuffle mat. If you’ve never heard of snuffle mats, they are puzzle toys/dispensers and mimic grass and other outdoor surfaces. Check out the short video showing how much Luna enjoys hers.

The snuffle mat featured in the video is the beetoy Snuffle Mat:

This has been designed to resemble a bowl or mat that’s covered in some long grass. Measuring 48 x 8 cm when it is bowl form, it is ideal for hiding food in to encourage your dog to eat slowly by employing their keen sense of smell and foraging skills.

Luna found it terrific fun and because it is made from highly durable materials, featuring a felt cloth that has anti-tearing properties along with thick and strong cotton thread, it can withstand even the strongest bites.

The great thing about this snuffle mat is that it can be used in two unique ways, with little effort required to switch between the two modes. You can either use it as an attractive pet dog mat in the same way you would a normal blanket or by pulling on the PP belt drawstring you can tighten it up to create a clever little bowl.

It can be used either as a way to feed your dog their dry kibble or treats if they are a fast and/or greedy eater.

Benefits of a Snuffle Mat

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  • Tires Your Dog Out Mentally
  • Great for Rainy Days
  • Fun to Play With Your Dog
  • Encourages your dog to work for their food
  • Encourages your dog to eat their food slower – better for their digestion

If the beetoy Snuffle Mat doesn’t appeal to you or you have already invested in it for your pooch, you may like these other great products.

Emwel Dog Snuffle Mat

This is a much snazzier and bolder affair than the beetoy offering. Made from high-quality polar fleece, this is also tear-resistant, soft, and non-toxic making it ideal for your dog. Although it can’t be converted into two different forms, it features enough exciting sections alongside the main circular section to keep your dog busy for hours.

LAMTWEK Pet Snuffle Feeding Mat

The snuffle mat from LAMTWEK is subtler, offering the appearance of a traditional entrance mat for your home, which may appeal to you more than the bright colours and designs of the others on the market. Made from incredibly soft polyester, your dog will appreciate this underfoot and as he or she nudges their nose and mouth through it searching for treats. It is very easy to set up and includes 2 suckers a non-slip backing, that ensures it will stay put wherever you place it.

YUDICP Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Another great option is this snuffle mat from a company called Yudicp. Whereas the one above was very subtle and conservative, this is neither of those things. Made from a very eco-friendly felt similar to the beetoy mat, this features several colourful sections designed to engage your dog’s molars as well as their intelligence.