Let your cockapoo be nosey

Luna can be ridiculous at times with her sniffing.

I used to get annoyed at her sniffing every blade of grass and sometimes I feel like we get nowhere on our walks.

I’ve changed now though, and if the weathers nice and she wants to sniff, I let her sniff all day and rarely try and pull her away to move on. After all, it’s her walk, not mine. It’s her way of reading the news and seeing what’s happening in her local area.

Here are some reasons why you should let your cockapoo be nosey and have a good sniff.

Sniffing is calming

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My dog is quite anxious and our dog trainer said if your dog is anxious, then let them have a sniff on their walk. Some studies (links) have shown that it lowers a dogs pulse and really does help to calm them.


Its simple really. Its occupying your dogs mind and letting them sniff is a great way to provide mental stimulation.

Reduces stress levels

Sniffing helps lower your dogs cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

Promotes their wellbeing

It’s an essential thing that dogs need to do. Sure, they can have a sniff around your house and garden but getting out and taking in new smells will do them a world of good.

It’s not all about physical exercise

You may think that taking your dog on the longest walk or game of fetch is the best way to tire them out, but you might be wrong. Sniffing the world takes practice and effort from your dog. It’s just like us working through a crossword. It makes them use a lot of mental energy, which helps keep them sharp and focused and hopefully tired after a walk using their brain.

New areas

Each time your dog visits a new area, chances are that they are going to want to sniff everything. This is totally normal and its important you let them sniff and work out what’s happening in this new area.


Allowing your dog to use their nose and sniff stuff out is so important when walking. They are a dog and its part of their behaviour to sniff everything out.

Sometimes taking your dog for a walk and doing the same loop at the same time isn’t what your dog walks. Why not take them on a shorter walk but allow them to sniff more on the walk.

It may also help you realise what’s around you on your walk and take in more of your environment. When your dogs sniffing, have a look around and try and notice things you may not have seen before.

Be amazed and appreciate your dogs amazing talent of sniffing as it really is something special.