Are Cockapoos Hyper?

If you’re the proud parent of a Cockapoo, you don’t need an answer to the question are Cockapoos Hyper because you already know the answer. However, while Cockapoos are ultra-cute, and maybe you want one in your life, you are starting to see owners who have the same thing in common during your research.

Most people who own Cockapoos say they love them to death, praising their sweet natures and adorable looks, but they also refer to their dogs as hyper, neurotic, over the top, and even crazy. So naturally, you might wonder if Cockapoos indeed are hyper?

Common Cockapoo Behaviour

Cockapoos are known for high energy, excitement, and getting into things a lot. They also have a mild-mannered nature which their Cocker Spaniel half might explain.

As you already know, Cockapoos are half Cocker Spaniel and half Poodle. Both the parent breeds are renowned for their intelligence, but they come from working backgrounds. Because of their genetics, they are naturally active dogs, and while they don’t need massive amounts of exercise, they do need enough to burn off their excess energy.

If you look at any intelligent dog breed, one thing they all have in common: they play up when they’re bored. Without sufficient physical and mental stimulation, it can quickly lead to unwanted behaviour.

It’s rare to find any puppy that doesn’t have an excess of energy. Puppies are the same as young children. Dashing everywhere at 90 mph is par for the course with a puppy as it is with a child. It’s probably going too far to describe a Cockapoo as crazy. In reality, owners are witnessing an intelligent dog with a working heritage that requires enough exercise and mental stimulation to calm them down and be more relaxed.

My dog Luna was pretty hyper when she was a puppy; however, now she’s grown older, she’s so much calmer and relaxed. Read this article here if you want more information on when to expect your Cockapoo to calm down.

One thing you might see with Cockapoos is the “doodle dash,” where your dog has what I like to call a mad five minutes. They dash around the house, and it’s one way they can release any excess energy. You can read more about the “doodle dash” here.

Are Cockapoos Hard To Control?

While I wouldn’t say Cockapoos are difficult to control, it’s definitely a question of understanding their needs. So what can you do to stop a Cockapoo from being hyperactive?

Exercise Your Cockapoo More

Most dog owners make going for walks with their dogs a part of their daily lives. However, if your Cockapoo is still hyper when they return home, the dog probably needs extra time outside. 

Just taking the dog outside to do their business will never satisfy a Cockapoo. Take longer walks, and if you’re physically able, stride out when you’re walking, forcing your dog to walk much more quickly to keep up with you. 

Take time out three to four times each week to take your Cockapoo to the local park, where you have the space to throw balls or frisbees. I know my dog Luna absolutely loves going to the park and gets pretty excited when she realises where we’re heading.

Mental Stimulation For Your Cockapoo

There’s so much pet tech available to dog owners these days that it’s pretty easy to find toys that can occupy your dog’s mind as well as body. We have a whole article that discusses pet tech for dogs, and you’ll find some excellent ideas if you’re stumped trying to entertain your Cockapoo.

I love to play games in the house or the park with Luna. When we’re at home, I like to play a game I call “Find it.” I make Luna sit on the bottom step of the stairs while I go into the lounge to hide her favourite ball. Luna loves to play this game, and it’s a great way to keep her mentally stimulated because she has to search correctly to find her ball. Playing these types of games can be an excellent way to engage with your Cockapoo, especially on rainy days, when a quick out and back inside is the only thing either of us wants.

Another indoor game we play is hide and seek. For this one, my wife, Emma, joins in. Luna and I stay outside while Emma finds somewhere to hide in the house. Luna will play this game all day long if she can.

Give Your Cockapoo Interactive Treat Balls Or DIY Puzzles

If you don’t want to rack your brains thinking up different games and puzzles for your Cockapoo, why not try The Enrichment Box. All the things in your dog’s toy box stimulate and challenge their mind uniquely. You can now give your dog the best variety of things that will help them think while you save money at the same time. If you had to buy each item separately, you would pay much more.

Give Your Cockapoo A Job

Active and intelligent breeds can get massive benefits from having something to do that is both physical and mental. 

Performance-related work, herding, lure coursing, and dock diving is great for dogs. Activities like obedience, agility, and rally also provide the right mix of physical and mental stimulation for a dog who is always on the go.

Final Thoughts

Cockapoos are friendly, energetic, intelligent, and active. They do best when they get a lot of mental stimulation and exercise. Instead of seeing your Cockapoo as hyper, a much better way is to see them as energetic. In the end, it’s far better to have a dog that’s fun to live with than any other kind.