10 Things Your Cockapoo Wants for Christmas

Christmas is a great time of the year for the family, even if we tend to have our first argument of the day at 10.13 am and then an average of a further four rows during the day. Could finding the right Christmas present for everyone in the house be the key to a more peaceful and relaxing day of festivities?

Giving gifts at this time of year is a long-established tradition in slightly different ways across the planet. Yet, many forget to consider their beloved family pet when looking for gifts.

If you have a Cockapoo at home, then the following are a few of the treats that will make Christmas as memorable for him as it is for everyone else in your family.

Good Boy Luxury Dog Christmas Stocking

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For an unforgettable canine Christmas, you can’t do much better than choose this Good Boy Luxury Dog Christmas Stocking. It is a great value package packed with good quality treats that your pooch will love getting stuck on Christmas morning.

You can expect him to find 125g of chocolate drops, 40g of turkey and cranberry bones, a plush toy, a 5-pack of chewy twists and 50g of yuletide yummies in here. This gift makes it easier for you to find the perfect treats without wasting any time at his busy time of year.

Personalised Santa Sack

This 30 x 25cm sack is ideal for piling all of your Cockapoo’s festive gifts in one place. However, it remains functional throughout the rest of the year as a place to store away his toys out of sight when he’s not playing with them.

Best of all, you can get it personalised with his name so it is just for him. This is a 100% cotton sack that comes complete with a handy rope drawstring closure to make the task of keeping everything safe and sound very simple.

Rosewood A Pig in a Blanket Christmas Dog Toy

This cute and cuddly Rosewood A Pig in a Blanket Christmas Dog Toy is the kind of Christmas gift that could make this day one that your Cockapoo never forgets. It has a squeaker inside it so that he gets all the fun of a cool, squeaky toy and a plush outer surface.

He might snuggle down with it, but he might also love playing with it as a throw and fetch type of toy. It measures 28cm and is well enough put together that it should stand up to a lot of rough-and-tumble games.

Christmas Dog Present Goodboy selection box 

A wonderful selection box works just as well as a Cockapoo Christmas present as it does for humans. This Christmas Dog Present Goodboy selection box contains many tasty treats that will leave him licking his licks with pleasure throughout the festive period.

This doggie selection box includes the following treats; 50g choc drops, 50g beef bones, 40g turkey & flavoured cranberry bones, 50g yuletide yummies, 27g munchy rolls and 32g munchy bone. It is a good value option, too, meaning that you can treat him without any fears about the cost.

Christmas Dog Bandana Collar

Christmas Dog Bandana Collar
  • A lovely idea for your dog at Christmas

Thanks to this cheery Christmas Dog Bandana Collar, your four-legged friend will look the part. It is a collar with a hoop and loop fastening mechanism that looks like a fun red bandana when he has it on.

This dog bandana comes with a festive white and silver trim and says ‘Yappy Christmas’. The collar measures 48cm when fully open. He will feel a part of the Christmas spirit when he has this on and enjoys the pleasure of this time of year.

Petlou Ancol Christmas Flashing Throw and Fetch Fun Interactive Knobbly Ball Dog Toy

This is a fun, festive gift that will brighten up Christmas day for your dog and the rest of the family. The Petlou Ancol Christmas Flashing Throw and Fetch Fun Interactive Knobbly Ball Dog Toy is a crazy ball that never rolls the same way twice.

It has a diameter of 10cm and weighs 159g. This red and green product is made from rubber and plastic. This is recommended for small and mid-sized dogs who love playing with toys on their own or with the help of some friends.

Good Boy Mini Chew Stocking

The Good Boy Mini Chew Stocking is ideal for dogs who love nothing more than hunker down with chewy treats to pass the time. It is a relatively small, low-priced stocking that will give him a lot of pleasure for a low price.

This is best suited to a smaller dog like a Cockapoo, as a bigger pooch would probably wolf it all down in a matter of seconds.

PEDIGREE® Christmas Stocking with Treats and a Toy x 3 For Mulit Dog Households

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This Christmas stocking is rated as suitable for all breeds of dogs from 4 months upwards. The PEDIGREE® Christmas Stocking with Treats and a Toy is mainly aimed at homes with more than one dog to keep them happy.

You get three stockings with this package, each with a 3-pack of Dentastix, a 70g Pedigree Rodeo 4-stick beef, 10 sticks of Pedigree Schmackos with Chicken and an attractive rope tug toy. Of course, if you are buying it for just one dog, he will be a very happy chap on Christmas morning.

Good Boy – Santa Meerkat – Festive Soft Dog Toy With Squeaker

This lovely toy is a smart option for treating a loved dog to a great toy. The Good Boy Santa Meerkat Festive Soft Dog Toy With Squeaker is a cool-looking gift that will give your Cockapoo hours of fun.

It weighs 160g and has 19.8 x 8.8 x 6.2 cm dimensions, making it perfect for a mid-sized dog such as a Cockapoo.

Chenkou Craft 1pc Adjustable Puppy Pet Dog Tie Bow Collar

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What could be funnier and cuter than letting your four-legged buddy run about over the festive period with this fabulous accessory? This delightful Chenkou Craft 1pc Adjustable Puppy Pet Dog Tie Bow Collar is red and green coloured.

The size of this bow tie measures 14 x 12 x 1.5cm. You will get some memorable festive photos that you will treasure for years.

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