Why Do Cockapoos do the Doodle Dash?

Have you ever wondered why cockapoos get the zoomies/Doodle Dash? Have you ever wondered what the heck the cockapoo zoomies are? The easiest way to explain it is those few minutes after bathing your dog, when he runs around the house like a mad mutt. 

Now we know what they are, let’s see what causes them.

What causes Zoomies/Doodle Dash?

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Have you ever seen your cockapoo race around the house like a lunatic, maybe after a bath or when you get home from a day out? It could happen late at night when your puppy starts behaving like a ‘zoombie’ with the Zoomies. This manic display is your pup’s way of releasing pent-up energy, and while it’s more common in younger dogs, older pets certainly aren’t immune.

Are Cockapoo Zoomies harmful?

Not at all, unless your pup pulls a muscle in the process. In puppies and younger dogs, they’re more common and aren’t cause for concern. As your cockapoo gets older, these sudden outbursts will become less frequent. They’re also hugely entertaining to watch.

Can you control Doodle Dashes?

If you notice your pup zooming around the house with a case of the cockapoo zoomies regularly, it could be because he isn’t getting enough exercise. You could try increasing their physical activities and exercising their brains. We have a friend who plays a game of ‘find the treat’, which takes five minutes but equals a 30-minute walk.

Why do Cockapoos get the Zoomies after a bath?

The only explanation is that water gets into their brains and causes a hilarious malfunction! Yes, we know, that’s not the reason.

Some experts believe post-bath cockapoo zoomies are a quick way for your dog to get rid of nervous energy that’s being pent up while in the tub or a confined space. Zoomies after a bath could be their way of showing you they’re relieved the traumatic experience is over.

Does your dog doodle dash?

Dogs love playing. They love time with you and the attention, and Zoomies are their way of showing you. They’re also known to ‘hump’ when overstimulated.

Does your cockapoo get Zoomies? And when? Are you quick enough to catch it on camera? We’d love to see it.

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