Are Cockapoos Stubborn?

When you are looking for a dog to bring into your home and household, you want one that will get on with all the family. This means a dog that is sociable, friendly and very trainable. While many dogs thirst for learning and pleasing their owners, some want to make things difficult. Could that be said of cockapoos?

Generally speaking, one of the most appealing aspects of cockapoos is their easy-to-love temperament. As they are a combination of a cocker spaniel and a poodle, they tend to get the best of both worlds. This means they are incredibly affectionate, smart and playful. However, their energy levels can make training a trying experience.

Are They More Stubborn Than Other Breeds?

The thing you must think about is whether cockapoos are more stubborn than other dogs or not? In my own experience with Luna, our cockapoo, while she took a lot of training, I would say that she has stubborn tendencies, but they are minor compared to other dogs I have seen. Cockapoos, in my opinion, are usually very amiable and seem to want to make you happy.

Consider Their Parents

Of course, just because I lucked out with my cockapoo, doesn’t mean that they are all as easy to train as Luna. One thing you need to consider when buying a cockapoo and wondering if it will be stubborn is the parents. If the parents of your cockapoo had undesirable traits, such as stubbornness, your new dog might inherit those traits. As cocker spaniels have a reputation for being quite stubborn and poodles are known to be a bit on the neurotic side, the mixture can create a troublesome pet.

Even with those undesirable traits, our own experience and that of our friends and relatives who have cockapoos are that the breed wants to obey their owners.


Therefore, considering everything we have discussed, it is fair to say that whether you get a stubborn cockapoo or not can’t really be planned for in advance. While the parent’s unappealing traits might be passed down to the offspring, it is just as likely that it won’t. If you choose to go ahead with a cockapoo and find it to be a little bit on the stubborn side – persevere, your cockapoo will get there in the end.