Are Cockapoos Smart?

Do you want to know if Cockapoos are smart dogs before you buy one? Is knowing how smart a Cockapoo is an essential feature of this particular dog?

If so, learn about the Cockapoo’s intelligence level, how to take a Cockapoo IQ test, and more in this article.

Are Cockapoos As Smart As Other Dogs?

Dog behaviour experts put Cockapoo’s intelligence level above average when comparing Cockapoos to other dogs. Officially they don’t have a specific ranking because that only considers purebred dogs.

How Smart Is The Average Cockapoo?

If figuring out your Cockapoo’s IQ is something you would like to know, you might want to try some simple tests at home. This easy IQ test is one you can apply to your Cockapoo, and it will help you determine how intelligent they are, as well as their ability to learn and solve problems. 

Test your Cockapoo’s intelligence by getting them to perform a few simple tasks. There’s also a simple scoring system you can use, which will indicate how your Cockapoo ranks on the doggy IQ scale. 

5 Tasks To Test Your Cockapoo’s IQ

Task 1. It’s best to cover your Cockapoo’s head with a large blanket or towel; however, allow your dog time to smell and become familiar with the blanket. This test measures your Cockapoo’s ability to solve problems.

  • If your dog solves it and removes the blanket in under 15 seconds, they get three points.
  • If they solve it, they get two points by removing the blanket in 15-30 seconds.
  • If they solve it and remove the blanket, taking more than 30 seconds, they get one point.

Task 2. You place empty containers in a row of three. Place a snack under one of the bowls while your Cockapoo is looking, don’t allow them to go to the snack but divert their attention for a few seconds before letting them uncover the snack.

This test examines your Cockapoo’s ability to learn and retain information.

  • If they proceed directly to the cup with the treat, they will earn three points.
  • If they proceed to one empty cup before moving on to the cup with the treat, they will earn two points. 
  • If they proceed to both empty cups before moving to the correct cup, they will earn one point.

Task 3. Place a treat on the floor, then cover it with a towel and leave it there. Use a stopwatch and time how long it takes your Cockapoo to get the treat.

  • If they get the treat in under 15 seconds, award them three points.
  • Award your dog two points if they get the treat between 15 and 60 seconds.
  • If it takes them over 60 seconds, award them one point.

Task 4. Place a treat within your dog’s reach under a piece of furniture that is pretty low to the ground and only high enough so your dog’s paw will fit. This will put your dog’s reasoning and problem-solving abilities to the test in this challenge.

  • Award your Cockapoo three points for reaching for the treat using only his paw in less than a minute.
  • Your Cockapoo gets two points for attempting to fit his head into the space first or for using both his nose and paws simultaneously.
  • If your Cockapoo gives up completely, they get one point.

Task 5. If you’re up for a challenge, this one is a good one for your Cockapoo to take on. Situate a large cardboard barricade, big enough so your Cockapoo cannot jump over it. Put a hole in the cardboard, but not too big; you don’t want your dog getting through the hole. Show your dog a favourite treat through the hole. Keep encouraging your Cockapoo to attempt to get the treat for a full sixty seconds. 

  • If it takes your Cockapoo less than 30 seconds to figure out that he needs to walk around the barrier to get the treat, award three points.
  • If your Cockapoo takes longer than 30 seconds to figure it out, give him two points.
  • One point if your Cockapoo tries to get the treat any other way, such as crashing through the cardboard barricade.

Here are the results:

  • 13–15 points! Excellent, you have a genius of a dog.
  • 9-12 points no, your Cockapoo is bright, but they are no genius.
  • 5 to 8 points: Although he won’t get into college anytime soon, your dog has promise.
  • 1-4 points: Your Cockapoo might benefit from some assistance in understanding and accomplishing tasks. However, this is just for fun, and what your dog loses in smarts they more than make up for in the cuddles department. 

Different Types Of Cockapoo Intelligence

You can break your Cockapoo’s intelligence down into three groups:

Instinct Intelligence comes from the type of breed, and as we know, a Cockapoo is a hybrid of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, both intelligent dog breeds. Over centuries dog breeders bred dogs to work alongside humans performing various tasks. Guard dogs guard, retrievers fetch, hounds pursue, pointers sniff out birds, and companion dogs are attuned to human social signals and respond to our moods to provide us with comfort.

Adaptive Intelligence is a test of a dog’s independence and self-reliance. It entails gaining knowledge and skills from his surroundings, resolving new issues, etc. It’s possible that even within a single breed, a dog’s adaptive intelligence can vary.

Working and obedience intelligence is the closest to what we might term classroom-learning ability and is based on what the dog can learn to do when taught by humans. It’s critical because it would not have been domesticated without a dog’s ability to respond to human commands and wouldn’t be here today to perform the tasks we originally valued them for.

None of these abilities distinguishes one dog from another regarding intelligence. It’s just a matter of different levels of reasoning ability. To say that an IQ test for dogs is accurate would be an understatement, but they are helpful in assessing problem-solving and memory abilities that are ultimately important.

How To Tell If Your Cockapoo Is Smart Or Not So Smart

Numerous cues point to your Cockapoo’s sharp mind. You can find out “if your Cockapoo is smart or not so smart” by looking at this handy list. You’ve got yourself a smart cookie if your Cockapoo does most of what’s on this list.

  • They remember commands without practice
  • They are clever escape artists
  • They show extra affection when you’re ill or down
  • They are ace and solving puzzle toys
  • They instantly know when you are leaving
  • They have a unique knack for getting your attention
  • They are quick to pick up new tricks you teach them
  • They instinctively know how to stay safe

How Can I Improve My Cockapoo’s Smarts?

  • Find a tasty treat that your Cockapoo will absolutely love. Dogs that aren’t motivated by the prospect of receiving a reward will put in less effort overall. Real meat, cheese, or any other delectable treat will do.
  • Try out Puzzle Games! ‘ Cockapoos who play with interactive toys develop problem-solving skills and mental stimulation.
  • Don’t rush them, be patient with your Cockapoo and keep practising your hard work; Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Teach new tricks and commands all the time. Keep looking for new ways to train your Cockapoo because all dogs can learn new tricks.

How Smart Are Cockapoos Compared To Humans?

Dog behaviourists say a Cockapoo’s intelligence compares to a human child around two years of age. To better understand Cockapoos, here are some interesting facts.

  • You can teach about 165 words and signals to an average Cockapoo. Compare that to the top-ranking dogs who can learn up to 250 words.
  • Cockapoos can recognise numbers up to a count of four or five.
  • Cockapoos can apply a degree of trickery to a certain degree to gain treats while playing.