Best Muzzles for Cockapoos

Cockapoos are generally regarded as one of the most friendly, sociable and loving dog breeds. You may wonder then why we are highlighting the best muzzles for cockapoos. You may be thinking “Surely, cockapoos do not need to be muzzled?” While, for the most part, I would agree with you. There are some misconceptions about muzzles we need to get out of the way. When people see a muzzled dog, they conclude that it must be a violent and aggressive dog or one that has been bitten before or who is just a grump and not to be approached.

However, the truth is that there are a variety of reasons why you may want to invest in a muzzle for your cockapoo. Before we look at our pick of the best muzzles for cockapoos available, I will talk a little about those reasons for purchasing a muzzle for your cockapoo.

Reasons you May Consider Byung a Muzzle for Your Cockapoo

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Dogs with Aggression Problems

Okay, so although we said there were other reasons beyond aggression, this is still an important one in terms of safety for you, your family, strangers, other animals and your dog. While it is not common for cockapoos to have problems with aggression, all dogs are different with unique traits and flaws. If you know your dog has anger issues, has been known to growl aggressively at other people or animals, or has even tried to take a swipe, it’s a good idea to invest in a muzzle.

A muzzle is the best form of first-line protection against anyone or thing being injured by your dog. It should not take the place of properly addressing the root of your dog’s aggression and training him or her not to do it.

Scavenger Dogs

Does your cockapoo like to pick up and eat just about anything it can when they are out and about? It may be a good idea to buy a muzzle to stop him or her from gobbling up whatever they find. Not only will this help to prevent your dog from putting on too much weight, but it will also protect him or her from eating something that could be toxic.


What about your cockapoo’s prey drive? Cockapoos are not generally interested in giving chase to things to eat them. However, as we’ve noted, not all dogs are the same. As there is no breed standard for cockapoos, your cockapoo might benefit from wearing a muzzle. Particularly if they are off-lead at the local park or somewhere else public and might give chase to another animal and injure them. As we have also already stated, if there are aggression problems with your dog or they are just prone to give chase even when they are not supposed to be hunting, you must deal with the issue and identify the root cause to get their aggression under control.

Snappy, Nervous Dogs

Does your cockapoo have issues with hir or her nerves? Does he or she tend to snap when strangers approach? Then, it is good practice to keep your cockapoo muzzled in situations and environments where their nervousness and snapping habit are likely to be triggered. It would help if you remembered that while doggy lovers know it’s courteous and good manners to speak to the owner before you approach a dog you’re not familiar with, the general public, by and large is clueless. There is the potential for some serious issues if your dog is unmuzzled and a passer-by approaches him or her to give him a gentle stroke and your dog lashes out. Even if it’s just a warning nip, this can still break the skin and may cause the bitten individual a lot of distress. It’s also an issue you may find hard to deal with by just saying sorry. Remember, training and working with your dog to get over his or her snappy and nervous nature is the best thing you can do. A muzzle is a good intermediary measure, though.

Overview of the Different Styles of Muzzle Available for Cockapoos and Dogs

There are two main forms of muzzle available for cockapoos and other dogs. There are cage or mesh muzzles that do not stop your dog from opening his or her mouth so they can pant while providing a barrier for their teeth. The other option is incredibly sturdy nylon-made muzzles with a special cone shape that securely fits over your cockapoo’s mouth and nose, preventing them from opening their mouth.

As the latter restricts your dog’s ability to open its mouth and pant, it is not recommended for extended periods. Generally, it should be saved for specific purposes, like when they are being groomed or visiting the vet.

Fitting and Sizing

Dog muzzles come in a variety of different sizes designed to fit all kinds of breeds and types. You will even find some muzzles that are specifically designed with brachycephalic dogs in mind, those with squished-looking faces like pugs, bulldogs, and boxers. If you can, it is a good idea to try some muzzles on your dog before you buy one. This will help you determine your dog’s best style and size. This is a good approach even if you decide to buy online to save money.

Bear in mind that muzzles are not always foolproof. Dogs have been known to remove them by pawing at their heads, especially if they can get one of their dew claws under the strapping. Always make sure the muzzle fits properly and comfortably before going out.

Now that we’ve covered these important considerations, it’s time to look at some of the best muzzles available.

TANDD Soft Mesh Muzzle

First on our list is this breathable soft mesh muzzle from a company called TANDD. Available in various sizes for a very reasonable price, this features 3D ultra-breathable mesh that is soft and lightweight and provides your cockapoo with maximum ventilation while ensuring they can pant freely. Your dog can also eat snacks and drink while wearing this muzzle. A strong and easy-to-adjust strap makes it easy to fit over your dog’s mouth and nose.

Nasjac Adjustable Soft Nylon Muzzle

Next on our list, we have the slightly more expensive soft nylon muzzle from Nasjac. Amazingly comfortable and durable, it consists of a neck strap, snout strap, and metal ring that connects them securely. The inside of the muzzle features soft flannel padding to increase your cockapoo’s comfort while wearing it.

As it also features a reflective strip along the strapping, it can help to improve your dog’s visibility when you are walking at night.

Snagle Paw Breathable Silicone Dog Muzzle

Compared to some muzzles that completely stop your dog from opening its mouth, the next option on our list is Snagle Paw, which features a basket-style design. The benefit of this design is that your dog can still pant to regulate his or her temperature and can freely have drinks while still wearing the muzzle. Made from a comfortable and soft, non-toxic silicone rubber, it can easily conform to the shape of your dog’s mouth and nose.

The over-the-head strapping is elasticated to make it less restrictive, while the neck strap is fully adjustable to ensure it fits properly and doesn’t fall off. The strapping for the muzzle is also weather-resistant, durable and finished with reflective stitches for better visibility when you and your four-legged buddy are out after dark.

Maotrade Breathable, Durable and Soft Muzzle

Last on our list is this breathable and adjustable muzzle from Maotrade. Designed to be shock-proof and comfortable, it is made from soft nylon and is best suited to small to medium dogs like cockapoos. The design has been bolstered with the addition of soft padding on the inside to make it easier for your dog to wear. It can be adjusted at three points, on the neckband, nose, and mouth and is available for an extremely low price.


You should consider a muzzle whether your dog is just nervous and prone to snapping, aggressive or always looking to hunt or scavenge when they are out and about. We hope that the buying guide and list of the best muzzles available for cockapoos help you to make the best decision for your canine buddy.