Do Cockapoos Make Good Guard Dogs?

I think they can. Well, I would say more of a “watchdog” than a guard dog. They are just too cute to be a proper guard dog. If you want a guard dog, then get yourself a Rottweiler. 

Are Cockapoos Good Guard Dogs?

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My Cockapoo Guard Dog

My Cockapoo is the nosiest dog I have ever known. We have a stone drive, and when anyone steps on the drive, Luna wants to investigate it. Whether it be a passing walker that’s accidentally stepped on the part of our drive or the dreaded postman (one of her arch enemies) walking on her patch, she wants to let them know that she has seen them and that she’s watching them.

Luna, my Cockapoo loves to sit here and keep guard at the front of the house

Luna doesn’t bark that much. She will happily sit in the front room watching people go past without barking. However, if someone stops for too long outside our house, they will get barked at to tell them it’s time to move on out of her way. This has once or twice alerted us to a few strange-looking people hanging around outside.


We live on a terrace and have neighbours next door on both sides. They make noise, like any neighbour, kids playing, parties etc. Luna generally doesn’t care about the noise and will not respond. However, if one of those neighbours dares to show their head above the fence (maybe trimming the trees or putting the washing out), she will let them know that she’s spotted them and give out a bark. We’ve never had anyone in our back garden, but I am confident that Luna would alert us if there were.


These are Luna’s biggest enemies in keeping an eye on the back garden. These guys are always on her patch, and she lets them know by chasing them away. I’m sure they tease her but she is a good cockapoo guard dog.

When She Failed At Her Cockapoo Guard Dog Job Duty

A few years ago, my car got broken into at night. They didn’t steal anything since there wasn’t anything in my car worth taking. My car is on a stone drive, though, and the people went through the back garden onto the drive to the car as the back gate was left open. I was surprised that Luna didn’t alert us to this in the middle of the night.

When She Did A Good Job

On the upside, she did a great job the other week. It was 11:30 pm, and we were all in bed. Luna started barking like mad. I told her to calm down since it was late and there was nothing to bark at. She barked again and stood at the top of the stairs growling.

Ok, I thought. Maybe something is happening downstairs. I will investigate.

Luna and I went downstairs, where she was staring at the door, growling. I looked, and there was a shape of a man standing there! Luna was right, and I was wrong. I could hear him moving on the stone drive. I shouted, “Who is it?”. He replied very quietly, “it’s Deliveroo with your food”. I opened the door (maybe I shouldn’t have) to find a very confused delivery driver who got to the wrong house and was very apologetic. Luna did a great job; we didn’t hear the dog go, as it must have been a very quiet knock with it being so late at night.

The Downsides Of Them Being Nosey

I see it a lot on Facebook. Owners are complaining about their Cockapoos barking at just about everything. Birds, planes, cars, people, and neighbours in the garden. They are very alert dogs, and it may take some training to get them to ignore certain things that you don’t want them to alert you to.

Are Cockapoos Protective?

My cockapoo is more protective over my wife than me. One time we had guests round and when they hugged her goodbye, luna was right in the middle of them and let out a little growl. She didn’t do anything, but she was alert to the fact that people were close to her.


Conclusion On Are Cockapoos Protective

Cockapoos are friendly dogs and won’t exactly make a traditional guard dog and scare people. However, they will be a great companion for making you feel safe as they are always on high alert as to what’s going on in their surroundings.

Is your cockapoo a good guard dog? Let us know in the comments below.