Best Vitamins For Cockapoos

So, you’ve got a new dog. You’ve finally brought a cockapoo into your life. You want to do what’s best for your little bundle of fur. You’ve seen a couple of adverts about supplements for dogs and are wondering if you should start incorporating them into your cockapoo’s diet. In the following article, we are going to discuss this subject, as well as highlight some great supplements that might be good to invest in for your cockapoo.

First things first though, should you really give your cockapoo supplements?

Do Cockapoos Need Supplements?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you may have hoped. In a perfect situation with a healthy cockapoo who is on a well-balanced diet, there is little to no need really give him or her supplements. Why? If they are on a well-balanced diet that has been contentiously put together, they should be getting all the nutrients and vitamins they need from the food they’re eating.

That’s not to say that if you want to, to make sure and be on the safe side, you can’t give them vitamins and supplements. It may be that your dog struggles to eat enough.

Always Speak to Your Vet First

Just as you would speak to your doctor before taking any medication, you should speak to your vet before putting your cockapoo on any vitamins and supplements. They will be able to give you advice about whether it is a good idea or not and could help with any dosing questions you have.

Supplements Are Not a Replacement For Proper Food

It’s vital that you also remember that supplements, as the name, suggest are additional extras. They should not be considered a main part of your cockapoo’s diet. It would be incredibly detrimental to your cockapoo’s health if you fed him or her less, thinking that they got everything they needed from the vitamin supplements.

What Vitamins and Supplements Are Best For Your Cockapoo?

If you are still thinking about giving your cockapoo some supplements in addition to their normal diet, you may be wondering what should you be giving him or her. At Yappy, they have formulated supplements for cockapoos that can help to give your four-legged friend a shinier coat.

They also sell supplements that can help your cockapoo if he or she has joint and hip issues, anxiety, or probiotic support.

What Are Yappy Supplements Made Of?

Yappy’s supplements for cockapoos are made from natural, wheat-free ingredients, which are available in exceedingly small bitesize pieces. They are no different to the average treat that you may give your cockapoo. The great thing about their supplements is that they have made them attractive and easy to consume for dogs.

Take Care Not To Give Your Cockapoo Too Much

Another thing you need to make sure of when giving your dog supplements is that you don’t give them too much. Like supplements and vitamins available for humans, the vitamins, and supplements that your cockapoo may benefit from come with a recommended dose. You mustn’t go over that, as too much of some nutrients could have adverse effects on your dog’s health.


To summarise, we would suggest that you give it a lot of thought and consideration and that you speak to your vet before you go down the route of giving your dog supplements. If you have any doubts about it, speak to your vet. And, crucially, if you do give your dog supplements, remember to follow the guidelines on the packaging. Do not give them more than the recommended dose, or you could face dealing with a very poor dog.