Cockapoo Door Stops

I am biased here, but dog doorstops are a great way to add style and personality to your house without costing a great deal. 

The doorstops you buy today differ from those first available in the 1870s. O Dorsey invented the first ones available. Since then, these particular items for using your home are still proving popular today. 

Where Can I Get Cockapoo Doorstops?

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You will find that there are several stores in the UK along with places online where you can purchase these particular items from. Below we show you just some of the areas now selling these items for your home. 

Next – Charlie The Cockapoo

You may think this store is just for clothing, but you would be wrong. They now do a wide range of items for the home. This now includes their Charlie the Cockapoo door stopper

As well as looking cute with its adorable bow tie, you all find that it is large enough to keep any door open. To keep it clean, you simply must wipe it down regularly with a sponge. 

Dunelm – Reggie The Cockapoo 

You will find that this particular doorstop is much heavier than others as it contains sand, so it can keep even heavy doors open. Yet the Reggie door stop from Dunelm still comes with the cute looks you know that Cockapoos are known for as it is covered in a lovely soft fluffy material. 

Again, as with all other doorstops discussed in this article, you will find that to keep it clean, it needs just to be wiped down with a sponge. 

Etsy – Cockapoo Fabric Door Stopper

Although this particular door stop doesn´t come in the shape of a Cockapoo, it would still make a wonderful addition to your home as it is covered in images of this lovable pet.

This is handmade, and the design is printed on 100% cotton fabric, making it very durable. You can also choose to have it delivered to you, filled or unfilled. The process of filling it is simple, and you just need to fill it up with 2kg (Over 4 lbs) of rice through the open at the bottom that is kept closed with velcro. 

Dora – Bentley Cockapoo 

You will find that this particular doorstop is more than able to keep any doors in your home opener you. Inside he is filled with polyester wadding and quartz sand, ensuring that he is heavy enough to do the job required, and the risk of someone hurting their toe on him isn’t likely to happen. 

As the exterior of the Bentley Cockapoo doorstop is made up of a mixture of wool, you cannot wash it in a machine or by hand. To keep it looking fantastic, you must regularly clean its coat with a damp sponge.

You will find that you can purchase this particular doorstop by visiting the John Lewis online store. 

Of all the Cockapoo doorstops I´ve discussed in this article, the one I prefer is the Bentley Cockapoo doorstop made by Dora. Yes, it is the more expensive, but I like how it has a more authentic look and feel. 

As you will see when you search online, you will find that Cockapoo doorstops will make an excellent addition to your home.