Car Seat Belts For Cockapoos

It’s now the law in the UK for dogs to be strapped in while driving in a car.

There’s a lot of seat belts out there, and my wife and I use 2 of them which we will feature in this article but I will also talk about a few more possible options.

My favourite seat belt is actually her normal harness which I double up as a seat belt. If you are in a rush you can check it out here on Amazon. There’s also a video below of me showing Luna in the harness.

The 2 seat belts we use

I prefer one, my wife prefers the other. hopefully one of these will work for you.

1. RAC car harness.

Please ignore the mess in the car, we were all packed up ready to go on holiday 🙂

Theres a loop on the back of the harness that the seat belt goes through but there’s also enough room for Luna to move about a bit as well.

This seat belt harness is a bit tricky to figure out and it always takes me a while as its kept in my wife car for her to use. However, my wife who uses it on a daily basis puts it on in 2 seconds.

Its available here on Amazon. For some reason its not got great reviews, but its a sturdy piece of kit and we really like it. The fact its made by the RAC also gives us confidence as well.

2. Walk your dog with love harness

This is the harness Luna has always been walked with and I feel it works really well as a car harness. It also means its one less piece of kit to carry around with me.

I put the seat belt across the back of the harness. This means there’s no strain on Luna’s neck and she can happily lie down or sit up without any restrictions.

A seat belt I don’t like.

Personally I don’t like those pictured above.

A lot of people just put the clip onto the dogs lead. If you slam on, the dogs going to fall off the seat and all of its weight is going to go on its neck. The only reason I think it would work is if it was clipped onto the harness, but even then I feel as if the dog can still easily fall off the seat. However, it has got a lot of reviews with most being positive.

Should your dog wear a seat belt?

It shouldn’t even be a question in my opinion. Your dog is part of the family and I would never forgive myself if Luna wasn’t harnessed in and we had a crash. Even if we are only popping down the road to the field I still put the seat belt on.

Having your dog fastened in also stops them from trying to crawl all over you. Luna is quite chilled and not the biggest fan of the car on long journeys and the last thing I’d want is for her to try and crawl all over me while I’m driving on the motorway.

I also get really concerned when I see dogs hanging halfway out of the window without being fastened in.

Benefits of your dog using a seat belt.

I am sure you have already gathered a lot of the benefits from what I’ve said above but here is a quick overview of having them fastened in at all times.

  • Cockapoos love to chase things. If your window is open and they are not harnessed in there’s always the fear they could jump through the gap in the window. I know if Luna saw a squirrel at the side of the road when we were in traffic lights she would be straight after it.
  • If you are in a crash then there’s a much bigger chance your dog will avoid serious injury if they are strapped in.
  • Your dog won’t be jumping all over you, or your other passengers.

Closing Thoughts

In the UK you must keep your dog secured, so please make sure you buy one.

It might be worth visiting your local pet store as well so that you can try a few on. All dogs are different sizes and sometimes it can be a hassle to send stuff back if you buy it online. You will also get the chance to ask the opinion of the shop owner.