Caring For Your Older Cockapoo

Owning a dog of any breed can be a wonderful experience, and if you are lucky enough to own a beautiful Cockapoo, you will certainly have enjoyed all the love and fun they bring into your life.

Sadly though, it is a fact that we will almost certainly outlive our pets, and as responsible pet owners, we all need to do our best to ensure they live their senior years with us being happy and content.

Whether you have had your Cockapoo from a puppy or have adopted an older dog, it is important that you have the information to see your pet through its old age being as happy and healthy as you can.

Signs to look out for

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General slowing down

A fit and healthy cockerpoo can have an average life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years and as they gradually get to the latter end of that you may see them start slowing down.

That being said the Cockerpoos nature as wonderful as it is, seems to allow them to carry on being quite happy and content even as their joints start to stiffen and you will probably notice that they take a little longer to get moving after sleeping.

Sleeping a lot more

You will find that the older your pet gets the more it will sleep it will have and as it is quite normal in a dog to sleep 12 hours a day this may increase. If this should start to interfere with eating or drinking though check it out with your vet as there may be an underlying problem.

Toileting more often

For your dog to pee more often is also perfectly normal as it ages but as with everything else if you feel it is too much or your Cockapoo is becoming incontinent then get it checked by your vet. Similarly, if your pet tries to urinate and is unable to then this is a problem that needs to be checked.

What can you do to help

Exercise less if required

Cockapoos are known for their wonderful bouncy personality, and this trait tends to stay even as they age. But, if you notice your pet is struggling a little avoid long and strenuous walks, little and often is what they will start to love more.

Maintain a healthy diet

Keep an eye on their weight as less exercise can mean that your Cockapoo will put some on, buy healthy and nutritious food and cut down on the treats if needs be.

Keep your Cockapoo stimulated

It is the cockapoos nature to investigate and play, you can help keep your pets mental health up by doing new things or devising new games that are suitable for a more elderly pet.

Increase visits to the vets

The most important thing that you can do is be very alert and aware of your Cockapoos health, as stated earlier ensure that you do not put a health issue down to just old age, gradually increase your visits to the vet for check-ups as this will spot any health problems quickly and hopefully stop them in their tracks.


Just like with us humans, as your pet gets older their habits may start to change as they gradually progress into old age and as the owner, you will notice this. This in itself is nothing to worry about, the most important point to make here is that you should be very careful not to miss any health conditions such as lumps that may occur by mistaking something abnormal or different with your pet down to old age. To find out what cockapoos usually die from, click here.