Cockapoo Care: Six Ways to Keep Them Healthy

You already know how cute cockapoos are, but if you are thinking of owning one, you need to consider much more than the dog’s cuteness. A vital part of being a cockapoo owner is knowing how to care for the dog to ensure he or she remains healthy. Here are six ways you can ensure your cocker spaniel and poodle crossbreed stays in tip-top condition.

1.    Purchase Pet Insurance 

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Before looking at ways you can directly ensure your cockapoo stays healthy, it is worth noting that you should consider purchasing pet insurance. For your cockapoo to maintain optimum health, he or she will need yearly check-ups and potentially require treatments for injuries or illnesses and medications to fight infections. So, it can often make sense to take out insurance. Not only can it help you to cover the cost should your dog become ill or injured. It also helps to give you peace of mind. Get started by comparing the best pet insurance at BuyersGuide.

2.    Feed Your Cockapoo Correctly 

Your cockapoo’s diet is instrumental to his or her health. To ensure your dog stays healthy, make sure you feed him or her the right food and the correct amount. Because cockapoos have a lot of energy, they need the right nutrition. You can choose commercial wet food or dry kibble, but make sure you cut back on carbohydrates because dogs cannot digest them well. Too many carbs put a dog’s organs under too much pressure. You can also mix in kibble with wet dog food to provide additional nutrition and texture. Cockapoos under four months old should be fed four times a day. Between four and six months old, you should feed your cockapoo three times a day. After that, you can reduce meals to two times a day. Also, it is perfectly fine to change the food you feed your cockapoo, but do it gradually over a week or two and monitor your dog’s health to see if the new food is causing an issue like an upset stomach. 

3.    Avoid Bathing Your Cockapoo Too Often 

Your cockapoo’s coat needs to be kept healthy. The style you choose for your dog’s fur is up to you. Many cockapoo owners like to keep coats au natural, trimming only now and then. But whatever style you choose, make sure you only bathe your cockapoo only when absolutely necessary. By doing so, the dog’s coat retains its natural oils and stays healthy. 

4.    Ensure Your Cockapoo’s Teeth Stay Clean 

The best way of ensuring your dog has clean, strong, and healthy teeth is to clean them with dental treats. The treats help to remove plaque and debris. You should also clean your cockapoo’s teeth with a brush to make sure your dog does not develop any dental diseases.

5.    Regularly Check Your Cockapoo’s Ears 

Due to having long ears, cockapoos are more prone to getting fungal and bacterial infections and ear mites. So, your cockapoo’s ears should be regularly checked for any signs of ear wax, muck, and mites. However, never clean into the ear canal, because that can create problems in itself. Clean your cockapoo’s ears by massaging an ear cleaning solution into the ear and then wiping it with a cotton wool ball.

6.    Cut Your Cockapoo’s Nails When They Get Too Long

If your cockapoo’s nails become too long, he or she could become uncomfortable. You could also get scratches on your furniture! Whenever your dog’s nails look like they are getting too long, get a vet to cut the nails or do it yourself if you have experience.