Best Food for Your Cockapoo

One of the most vital decisions you will make with regards to your cockapoo’s health and well-being is what you will feed your dog. As is the same with us, humans, a dog’s diet can help make your dog’s health, or it can break it.

How do you make this decision? There are so many dog foods, such as dry dog food, wet, organic food, and natural dog food, and advertisers push different types of dog food, knowing that you love your dog and will be a good source of revenue for their business if you choose their brand.

It all boils down to you being educated about what’s the best cockapoo dog food for your dog and that is what this article will assist you with. Lets take a look at some of the best dog foods that are available.

Best Cockapoo Dog Foods

Grain Free – Forthglade 100% Natural Complete Wet Dog Foot, Pack of 12

If you are looking for grain-free dog food, then consider Forthglade’s 100% natural pack of 12. This has an incredibly high 75% meat content, which is great if you have a dog that is 1 year or older as it is a great source of the protein they need and should be considered in your best dog food list to look at.

And on the subject of meat, we can’t fail to mention the tasty flavours on offer. As it is a money-saving 12-pack, you get 4 sachets of each flavour, including Duck (which also features vegetables and potato), Lamb (with vegetables and butternut squash) and Turkey (with vegetables and sweet potato).

It is also worth noting that Forthglade, which was established in 1971, has been leaders in the industry when it comes to producing high quality natural ingredients food for dogs. All of their recipes are not only ideal for dogs who suffer from common allergies but are great for animals with sensitive stomachs.

What I Feed Luna, My Cockapoo – Lily’s Kitchen Grain-Free Wet Dog Food, 12 Pack

As a conscientious cockapoo owner, myself, I’ve always made a conscious effort to find the best dog food I could for my dog Luna. I currently feed her the grain-free food made by Lily’s Kitchen, which is available in a 12-pack featuring 400g tins. These are perfect for any dog that has trouble digesting other heavier meals and they only feature meat, veg, and herbs that are all fresh and highly nutritious.

The flavours of this cockapoo dog food almost sound too good to be true. Wild Campfire Stew has ingredients like Venison, Pheasant, and Salmon with potatoes and a host of other tasty things. Whereas Fishy Fish Pie sounds like something you’d feed the family, rather than the dog with chunky bits of turkey, herring, and salmon and a selection of veg. Other selections include Sunday Lunch and Cottage Pie. As should be with any good dog food for your pooch, there is no rendered meat, bone meal, or meat meal, all real meat.

Dry Dog Food For Luna – Lily’s Kitchen Adult Venison and Duck Complete Dry Food, 7kg

I also buy Lily’s Kitchen dry dog food for Luna, for similar reasons why I choose their wet variety. It is highly nutritious and grain-free, so unlikely to cause an upset stomach. The flavour I give Luna is Venison and Duck, and along with those two types of meat it also includes Salmon and a selection of healthy fruit and veg, along with the addition of Chondroitin and Glucosamine to help strengthen her joints and bones.

As if that wasn’t enough, this dog food contains a selection of prebiotics that help her to aid their digestive health system and important nutrients for boosting her immune system. She really loves the taste, as well. Which is helpful. It is admittedly more expensive than a lot of supermarkets and lesser-known brands, but when you are after a quality dog food for your dry dog food, with freshly prepared ingredients, you can’t go wrong with something like this. We have had no issues with this food, she’s a healthy dog with healthy skin and rarely gets an upset tummy.

Recommended for a Raw Diet – Cotswold Raw Active 80/20 Mince, Poultry Mix, 8 Pack

If you are considering feeding your dog an exclusively raw diet, this is one dog food you should consider. Cotswold Raw has a sterling reputation as being a company that only use fresh British-bred meat. This particular variety is the Poultry Mix which contains 4 packs of Turkey Mince and 4 packs of Chicken Mince, both 1 Kg packets.

Each high-quality pack features the meat of your choice, fresh seasonal vegetables, and bone and the brand’s philosophy follows the belief that an ancestral dog’s diet is best. They feel that a dog’s digestive system is better served with raw food. One of the key benefits of this type of dog food is that because it contains raw meaty bones, your dog should suffer less from runny stools. If that is a problem, it may be worth switching to this dog food. Bones as well as featuring many nutrients that a dog needs, are also great natural toothbrushes.

Bella & Duke Dog Trial Box, 4Kg

Another quality dog food brand you may have heard of is Bella & Duke. If you haven’t heard of them, you might want to learn more. As well as being completely natural, their food is made using human-grade ingredients and contains lots of meat (an important source of animal protein) and freshly prepared vegetables. This pack is for a trial run, so you can give it a try with your dog and see whether they like it or not.

Like the others we’ve discussed, there is a wide range of fascinating and tasty recipes to choose from, and with this pack, you get to trial them on your dog. Turkey meal, chicken meal, Duck meal, Beef meal, and White Fish meal sound like they would tickle your dog’s taste buds? Then this is definitely worth investing in. As it’s a trial, you at least have the opportunity to avoid paying full price, if your dog doesn’t take to it.

Scrumbles Complete Wet Dog Food, Grain-Free Recipe, 10 Pack

Scrumbles is another great grain free dog food, that has received a lot of great reviews. This is for a 10 pack and features a recipe consisting of turkey and lots of other great ingredients designed to aid digestion, like slippery elm and protein. This is another that’s good for your dog if it has problems with stomach issues.

It’s not made by a big corporate machine, but rather a UK-based independent company and the recipe has also been classified as being hypoallergenic and contains nothing artificial or any preservatives and no added salt, sugar or anything else. So perfect for any who suffers from food allergies or has food sensitivities. We do think the tagline for the company is rather humorous “Declaring War on Bad Poos with Gut-Friendly Pet Food”.

Wet or Dry Kibble

Dry Kibble

Dry kibble is great for easy transport and storage and can be used to feed your dog every day. Despite it being a spectacular invention, you must be careful what is in your dry dog food. It must have as much meat as possible. To know how much meat is in the food you give your cockapoo, you will have to read the label.

If it says that it’s beef, bison or turkey, it means it contains 70% of that meat. If it’s something vaguer like ‘beef dinner’ or beef platter’, it only contains 10% of that meat. If it says ‘with meat’ it only contains 3%.

Check for grains such as corn, and vegetables. A small amount of fruit and vegetables might be okay, but some dogs are allergic to these foods. The less filler there is, the better.

If the label says ‘complete and balanced ‘, it has met AAFCD (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guidelines and contains all the nutrients in the correct amounts your dog needs. Always look for this label. If you see the complete and balanced label, it is a promise you can trust.

Some foods are labelled ‘for small dogs’, or ‘for large dogs’. In this case, you should buy small dog-specific food, as your cockapoo is small breed, and larger dogs have different dietary requirements.

Wet Kibble

The guidelines are similar for wet food. Pay attention to the label, the ingredients, and whether it says ‘complete and balanced’ or not. Wet food has a better taste so even picky eaters are more likely to eat it. It contains fresher ingredients, which might be why wet is a bit more expensive. Also, you will need to refrigerate this  type of food, so it is more difficult to store.

Best Food for Cockapoo by The Dog’s Age

Best Puppy Food for cockapoos

When you pick your Cockapoo puppy from a breeder, it will be used to a certain food that the breeder will have given. Follow what the breeder recommends regarding times of feeding, amounts etc. If you disagree with the brand, avoid giving your cockapoo a different brand instantly. Instead slowly and gradually transition from the old food to the new food. If you change too quickly, it can upset the dog’s stomach and lead to diarrhoea and vomiting.

Free feeding is a bad idea at this age, as you are trying to house train your cockapoo. At four months, feeding your cockapoo four times a day should be okay. Feeding at strict intervals will help in managing when your cockapoo puppy needs the toilet according to an article from

Food branded “puppy food” is not recommended by breeders. It is often too high in protein, so might overly speed up development, and hurt its musculoskeletal system.

Best Food for Four-Month-Old Cockapoos

A four-month-old puppy should be fed two times a day, on the same food it has always been given by you. This would be a good time to introduce bones. Raw bones are better for your cockatoo as opposed to cooked bones, as cooked bones are softer and might break and damage your cockapoo’s mouth. Some breeders recommend artificial bones, as they are not as dangerous and will satisfy your dog’s desire to chew. Bones are helpful when the puppy is teething.

Best Food for Adult Cockapoos

An adult (about 12 months) should be fed 1 or 2 times on the same dog food it was given since it was a puppy. Indications as to whether or not the dog is getting the right food include: Is the hair shiny? Is it healthy and happy? Does it have diarrhoea or vomit often? Is it energetic and playful? If your cockapoo is showing signs of nutritional deficiency, please consult your vet.

Snacks and treats

Cockapoos love treats and will put effort into getting them. You need to put effort into not giving in to your dog’s begging. It is best for your cockapoo to be disciplined around dog food so that its digestion is good.

If you need to use treats, use them to train your dog as opposed to just giving them as snacks. Commercially made treats are not good for your dog’s health. They are often packed with carbohydrates, which can affect blood sugar levels and cause obesity.

In summary, it is best to buy natural cockapoo food. Although your cockapoo can eat other food groups, it is best being kept on a diet consisting of meat. Whether you buy wet dog foods or dry dog food, always get the brand with the most meat, and look out for the complete and balanced label. Do not give your cockapoo too many treats, let them have plenty of fresh air and exercise, and it will be healthy and happy.

All About Dog Food

All About Dog Food is an awesome one-stop-shop resource website that gives you all the information you need to find the best dog food and treats for your own dog. You can find out everything from the type of dog foods you should consider to the amount and frequency you should be feeding them.

The site operates as fully independent and all the information it shares and the tools you can use are available for free. As well as the comprehensive dog foods comparison page, it also features the first-ever interactive directories for dog food and treats in the world. If that wasn’t enough, there is also feeding guides, FAQ, and an excellent dog food-focused forum.

At Cockapoo HQ, we would rather recommend this amazing resource, which gives you the opportunity to make a completely informed decision about which food cockapoo dog food is the best for your dog and budget.

The suggestions they offer are based on your own budget, and both the age and breed of your dog. So, it is completely tailormade.

It’s important to note, though, right now you can’t select cockapoo as a breed. However, you could either select cocker spaniel or poodle to help you find the right dog food and other tips and suggestions about feeding your four-legged chum.

Final Thoughts on Dog Food For Cockapoos

Overall it’s up to you and your dog to decide which dog food is best for you both. What works for one might not work for someone else. Make sure you feed your older dog adult dog food and your puppy some puppy food. When your dog enters their elder years then definitely look at food for senior dogs.

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