What Is The Best Cockapoo Generation?

If you are looking to invest in a cockapoo and have done any research, you will likely have heard a lot of talk about generations. The term generations help to identify whether puppies had parents that were both purebreds of different breeds or one or the other was a subsequent generation, like a purebred dog bred with a first-generation crossbreed and so forth.

With this in mind, many people wonder what is the best generation to invest in when trying to choose a cockapoo.

F1 Is Considered the Best

Plain and simple, if you did a quick Google search, you would find that the vast majority pick out F1 cockapoos as the best generation. Why? F1 cockapoos are singled out as the best because they offer the most stable with a good mixture of both parents breeds with the benefits of both a long lifespan and good health.

For the most part, F1 cockapoos will have a 50% cocker spaniel and 50% poodle mix. It is still a bit of a gamble and lottery as to which features and traits they are more likely to take on.

Best Generation Is More a Personal Preference

Although we have suggested that many feel F1 is the best generation for cockapoos, this subject is, by and large, based on personal preference. So, don’t be perturbed or put off other generations of cockapoos just because they are not F1. You may still have a wonderful dog that encapsulates everything great about this fantastic breed.


To conclude, if you are looking at cockapoos intending to buy one and want the best generation, we recommend F1. However, remember that F1 does not guarantee any specific features or traits. It just means cockapoos from parents that are both pure breeds will have a 50/50 mix between the two.