20 ways to save money as a cockapoo owner

We all love to save money, and there are also pet owners who wish they had more spare money to spend on our beloved cockapoos.

It’s estimated that we spend at least £1500 a year on our dogs, and if your dog is going got live for 12 years, that’s a lot of money over its lifetime.

What if we told you there were ways to leave you with more money in your pocket without compromising your cockapoo’s health?

In today’s article, I will share some tips to save money as a cockapoo owner.

How to save money getting your cockapoo

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Cockapoos are not cheap (about £1500 to £2000, not more); if anything, the prices have risen significantly lately.

Adopt a cockapoo rather than buy

This might be easier than it sounds. A cute dog like a cockapoo will not be around long in a shelter compared to other breeds. I get emails every week asking me if I know anywhere that has cockapoos for rehoming.

There are a few places you can check out, like the “Doodles for rehoming” Facebook page, which do a great job. They take in cockapoos and other doodles from owners who can’t cope and help them find a new home. It’s always good to read their success stories and vet where the dog will go.

Saving money on dog food

Food is by far the most significant expense for your cockapoo. It’s also one that most people don’t want to cut back on. We feed Luna Lily’s Kitchen, one of the most expensive foods there is.

Do your research

There is a brilliant website called Allaboutdogfood.co.uk that’s worth checking out. This was recommended to us by our dog trainer. It recommends a few different brands, and you might find a cheaper option with similar nutritional content to your current food.

You don’t want to end up with cheap dog food with no nutritional content. We once changed Luna’s food to a cheap brand for a few weeks – her farts stunk, and her behaviour worsened.

Buy the food in bulk

Our brand of food isn’t on offer that much, but when it is, we always stock up and leave it in the garage so that it’s not taking up space in the kitchen.

Buy from an independent shop

It’s always worth asking your local pet store if they can do you any deals. They all want long-term customers, and they might be able to sort you a bulk deal. We try and buy our food from our local dog daycare centre as they have access to a wholesaler and can sometimes sort bulk deals.

Saving money on dog toys

A dog is not like a child; it doesn’t know the latest toy trend or how much you have spent on them.

Work out what toys your dog loves

Buy a few toys such as rope, cuddly, or unique chew toys. Work out which one your dog loves the most, and then try and stick to those. Your dog won’t be wondering where the other toys are; they don’t think like that. It’s always good to rotate them now and again, but stick to their favourites most of the time.

Make your toys

We make our toys for Luna all the time, and sometimes I feel like she enjoys these more than the expensive toys I’ve bought her in the past.

I’ve written a whole article on this website about toys I create for Luna, such as an old sock with a scrunched-up water bottle. You can check out that article here.

Bonus toy tip!

Our dog trainer told us about the cuddly toys in Ikea. There are a lot of kids’ toys that cost £1. These are perfect if your dog chews them up in 10 minutes. Another bonus is that kids’ toys are safer than dog toys because they must pass specific standards before manufacturing them.

Dog training saving tips

Dog training is vital, and I think everyone should get a few lessons from a professional. I learnt so much from my trainer, and I could take the basics she taught me and then did my training after that.


Youtube has been an excellent source for me. When Luna was younger, I would do 15 minutes here and there. My favourite was to train her during the half-time interval of the football. This meant the session was short and gave me a dedicated time slot. I’d load up youtube on the TV and try and teach her a new trick or work on an existing one we were trying to improve upon.

Virtual dog trainers

This has become a thing with all that’s gone on in the past year (I won’t dwell on that). Some virtual dog lessons take place in real-time over zoom, where your trainer can train in real-time. Others are recorded sessions, similar to what you would get on youtube.

Saving money on dog grooming

Owning a cockapoo means there’s a chance you will need a lot of grooming. This all depends if your cockapoo is more poodle or more spaniel. My dog is more spaniel, and her hair is relatively straight. This means we can get away with less grooming.

Grooming at home

During lockdowns etc., I groomed Luna for 10 months. I am not saying I was good at it, but no one said she looked terrible. All I did was go onto youtube, get myself a nice pair of dog scissors and give her a trim every few weeks to stay on top of it and keep her knot-free (detangling sprays also help). I honestly believe I could do this for the rest of her life, which would be fine. However, there is something nice about getting her back from the groomers, and she’s all perfectly clean and groomed.

Buy a nail trimmer

Luna does not like having her nails trimmed, but we have one, and I try and trim them now and again in between a trip to the professional groomers. I have to bribe Luna with a few treats to get her to sit still.

Bathing your cockapoo

I believe anyone can do this and that you don’t need to take your dog to the groomer for a wash as it will be expensive.

Buy yourself some excellent shampoo and feed your dog lots of treats when they are in the bath, and they will soon associate it as a nice place to be.

It took us a good few months for this to happen, and I wouldn’t say having a bath is her favourite thing, but she will now tolerate it.

If bathing your cockapoo inside is too much hard work (maybe you can’t lift them in and out of the bath), you could get an outdoor pool.

Saving money on leads, collars, beds etc

These can add up, but if you buy the right ones, you shouldn’t need to replace them that often.

Use Amazon

I know I mention Amazon a lot on this site, but it’s where you can look at thousands of reviews and even ask questions about the products. This should allow you to make the right decision based on what others say. If people say it fell apart after a few months, it’s not for you.

Saving money on vets

Sometimes there’s no way around vet bills. Your dog might hurt its leg in the field and require urgent attention, but some things can be done to help reduce the costs.

Keep your dog healthy

Dogs, just like humans, should try and stay as healthy as possible. A good diet and exercise will stop your dog from becoming overweight, which should help prevent many common problems.

Regular medication and shots

Luna has her flea and worming tablets regularly. I think these cost about £50 every 3 months, but it’s a cost we wouldn’t skip.

Have your dog insurance

Something I hear about people having their dog insurance. They have created a savings account and put money into it each month. That way, if something comes up, they have a dedicated savings pot. It’s risky, as your dog might need operations as it gets older, but if they don’t need it then you have a savings pot to use for other stuff in the future rather than paying it out to a company. It’s not something I would do, but it could be an option to consider.


Owning a cockapoo is not cheap. They need regular grooming, and there will sometimes be big costs that can’t be avoided. That being said, there are savings you can make, and hopefully, the guide above has helped.