Should You Let Your Cockapoo On the Sofa?

This is a highly debated topic and I will debate the 3 possible options as well as letting you know what we do at home.

So, Should you?

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Letting Your Dog On The Sofa

We let Luna on the sofa. There, I said it. Many of you might not agree with this but we didn’t even consider not letting her on the sofa. My wife had always been brought up with dogs that were allowed on the sofa, and I thought it would be easier than not letting her on.

We did make 1 mistake though. We have a light grey sofa. However, this was bought before we bot Luna.

Does it get dirty? Yeah, sometimes it does, but it’s not that bad at all. Luckily we have a paved back garden so shes never bringing it mud, just wet paws. We always try and dry her paws before letting her on the sofa, but sometimes she will sneak in without us knowing.

I told my wife I was writing this topic and her response was “They should just think about all the possible cuddles they will miss out on”. Every time I come home after a night out I find them both snuggled on the sofa and I think it’s great.

However, I understand that everyone’s different and some people don’t let their dogs up and that’s their choice and I respect that.

Only Letting Your Dog Up On The Sofa When Invited Up.

This is an option that I see a lot as well. People are happy to let their dogs on the sofa, but only on THEIR terms, not the dogs. This works well if you have a sofa that might be easily damaged. Maybe you need to put a throw or a blanket on before the dog gets on. It also reminds them that you are the boss and that they can’t just do what they want.

Not Letting Your Dog On The Sofa

As I said before this wasn’t an option that crossed our mind. Plenty of people don’t let their dogs on the sofa though. If you decide to go down that route then make sure you have a nice big comfy bed for them to curl up on in the evening.

There are so many times that my dogs on the sofa and we move around, or get up for a drink etc. Luna gives us a real evil look because we have disturbed where she was lying. We often joke that there’s a big comfy bed on the floor next to the sofa that she can lie in without being disturbed but it seems she would rather be on the sofa with us.

Final Thoughts

It’s your house and your choice what you do. Don’t listen to what others have to say and do what’s right for you and your family.