Why Does My Cockapoo Greet Me With A Toy In His Mouth

Isn’t it just the cutest thing. You come in after a days work and your Cockapoo gets so excited that he must find a toy to great you with! My cockapoo, Luna, almost panics if she can’t find something.

But, what’s the reason behind this? I did some research into this online and looked at a few reasons.

There are a few reasons they do this, but no ones quite sure as to the exact reasons.

What Are The Reasons?

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They are offering a gift

The first reason is that they are offering us a gift. This is very cute. However, my dog doesn’t want to hand over the soft toy she has in her mouth straight away. This is usually because she can’t stay still or wants me to play a game of chase with her instantly to try and take the toy off her.

They are excited and want to play.

While you have been out at work or to the shops your dog has been snoozing the afternoon away. You are your dog’s life, they don’t have places to visit or friends to see. When you come home its the highlight of their day and they can’t wait to see you. 

This burst of energy might last for a few minutes or might go on for a long time. I would say enjoy it while you can.

New visitors

Maybe you have a new visitor to your house. For them, this represents a new person for them to play with. Therefore, the dog grabs the toy as a way to say “come play with me”. My dog prefers to bark at new people coming into the house, but maybe yours wants to take them a toy.

A distraction

Some people have trained their dogs to find a toy when someone new comes into the house. This could be a way to distract them from jumping up on new people that come into the house. It may also stop them barking.

It may also help the dog if they are anxious or worried. Carrying the toy or object gives them something else to focus on when a new visitor enters the house. It might be a way or saying to come and play with me. If they know that they are going to get played with every time a new person comes into the house then that’s a good thing to help them with their anxiety.

Keep embarrassing things out of reach

Your dog will grab anything it can get. It doesn’t have to be one of their nice toys, they might go and grab some dirty laundry or something else that you don’t want guests to see. If they do this, don’t panic and overreact. Stay calm and try and swap the item they have for one they will have more interest in. If not, grab a treat and offer them to swap it for that.

Final thought

Overall, its very cute when your dog greets you with a toy in their mouth. We love it when Luna comes running towards us, wagging her tail while holding onto her favourite cuddly toy.