Rainy Day Ideas (How To Keep Your Cockapoo Entertained)

We’ve all had those days (including your cockapoo) when it’s blowing a gale outside and the rains lashing it down and you can’t be bothered taking the dog out. Or maybe you are feeling a bit sick and can’t face taking your dog for a walk.

That’s ok, we all have those days. 

Your dog might actually be quite happy to have a chill day, but chances are they want your attention and want to be entertained and get some energy burnt out of them.

Here are some ideas to keep your dog happy and keep you indoors!

1. Home Made Toys.

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Dogs love home new toys, so why not make them a new one from some things you have lying around the house.

One of the toys that Luna loves is where I get an old sock and stick 2 tennis balls inside it and then tie the sock up. The excitement on her face is amazing.

You can see a picture of this below.

Another great toy is an empty toilet roll. Luna loves to chew these up into tiny pieces. To make it even more fun, put it inside a sock!

2. Play with the ball

Chances are your dog is as obsessed with a tennis ball as mine is. Some evenings we will bounce the ball around in the lounge, hide it under her bed and watch her dig for it, or play a bit of piggy in the middle. She loves it.

We even have some special indoor balls now that are softer and likely to do less damage if we hit something. We had a few too many near misses with glasses and the TV!

3. Play a game of “find it”.

A very simple game. You can play it with the ball, or with a high value treat.

I sit Luna on the downstairs step, show her that I have her tennis ball and give her a sniff of it. I then go into the lounge and hide the ball somewhere. I then send her in and let her find it. Sometimes we make it tricky by hiding it inside something, sometimes it’s just behind the cushion. This gets her using her brain which will make her tired and get rid of some of that energy. 

4. Hide and Seek.

Who doesn’t love a game of hide and seek? Put the dog in one room, send the kids off upstairs (or adults) and have your dog go crazy to try and find them. This can be fun for everyone, not just the dog. My favourite hiding place that catches luna out is the bath. I see her run into the bathroom, have a look around and think I’m not in there. Then I’ll shout her back in a few seconds later and watch her get all confused. Eventually, she finds me!

5. Tug of war

There are loads of these types of toys available to buy. Cheap, easy and can provide loads of fun for your dog. Don’t forget to let them win now and again

6. Interactive Toys

We have quite a few of these style of games. Our favourite is the Kong Wobbler. This has kept her entertained so much over the years and she has never got bored of it. She has definitely got better at working out the easiest way to get the treats from it.

Another game we have is similar to this one. Luna has to move the pieces to free the treats. She can get quite frustrated at times if the treats are not coming out easily and can sometimes bark at it!

7. Do some training – YouTube!

This is something I did a lot when Luna was younger.

There are so many tutorials on YouTube and I’d try and do a quick 15 minutes every evening with her. Anything you want to teach your dog such as sit, lie down, roll over – its all on there!