Cooling Mats for your Cockapoo

While most of us look forward to a bright summer’s day, we can often overlook the harmful effects it could have on our beloved dogs.

Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat to regulate their body temperature and instead pant to circulate cool air throughout their bodies to do so. 

One way of keeping your Cockapoo cool is to use a cooling pad. Perfectly safe and affordable a dog’s cooling mat provides a bed for your dog to lay on, simultaneously using a cooling feature to decrease body temperature.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best cooling mats available for your cockapoo in 2020. 

PawPride The Self-Cooling Pet Mat Pad

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PawPride delivers excellent value for money with its highly sustainable self-cooling mat pad. With no water or plug-in required, it relies on its gel technology cushion that activates the moment your cockapoo sits down, instantly cooling your pet up to four hours. 

Ideal for older cockapoos who suffer from joint and muscle pain, its soothing surface provides temporary relief when they lay down, giving them that much-needed comfort in their later years. 

Lauva Pet Dog Cooling Mat

Are you going on a road trip with your cockapoo in the backseat? No problem. This versatile cooling mat is more than what it’s marketed to be, providing cushioning support which acts like a dog bed on almost any surface. 

Coming in sizes from medium to large this cooling mat is designed primarily for cockapoos on the larger side. Easy to clean it’s great for energetic dogs who love to roll around in the mud, and thanks to its inner material non-toxic gel it’s entirely safe for both humans and dogs.


ADEPTNA Self Cooling Gel Pet Dog Cat Cool Mat Pad

If you’re lighting up the ole BBQ during a hot summer’s day with friends and can’t keep an eye on your dog, this self-cooling gel mat provides a sigh of relief to owners as it cools your dog instantly after sitting on it. 

This easily foldable cooling mat measures at only 60cm x 44cm, making it convenient to transport when you take your cockapoo on the well- deserved trip to the beach or park.


Small Dog Cooling Mat

Regardless of a dogs size, the danger of them suffering a heatstroke is always present. Dogs overheating can occur in many different scenarios, from sitting at the back seat of your car to playing in your backyard.

This dog cooling mat measures at only 30cm x 40cm, making it an ideal choice for owners who have smaller Cockapoos. Made from high-quality cooling gel, simply unroll the mat and place it on the floor to start cooling your dog the moment they lay down. With no plug-in required, this versatile mat can be placed anywhere you go. 

Sunshine Dreams Chew Resistant Dog Cooling Mat Large

This durable Dog Cooling mat is made from chew resistant fabric, designed to withstand chewing from larger dogs. 

Measuring at 90cm x 50cm this cooling matt is ideal for large Cockapoos who tend to get dehydrated when exercising in the heat. Due to its larger size, it’s also applicable for two smaller dogs who love to spend time together sitting down. 

A large cooling matt is a great alternative to purchasing multiple smaller mats, effectively saving you money and the hassle of placing multiple smaller mats together in one area.