Best Dog Paddling Pools

Dogs love the water and would gladly paddle the day away in a pool if you let them. While it’s true that most need a little time at first to get used to the water, it doesn’t take long until they become expert swimmers! 

Getting your dog to swim is also a great way to ensure they don’t overheat during the summer, which leads to dehydration and, even worse, heat stroke. 

If you don’t have a swimming pool in your backyard or can’t take your dog to a local lake, a dog paddling pool is a fantastic inexpensive option to get your dog to swim and cool down. Here are our top five dog paddling pool favourites to consider today!

HOMIMP Foldable Dog Swimming Pool Bathing Tub

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If you’re a pet owner with multiple dogs, you may want to consider a more substantial dog pool that provides them enough pool space to swim together.

These foldable pool sizes come in M, L and XL, offering a maximum diameter of 160cm at 30cm high. Its XL size enables children to bathe in the pool with their dog’s friends. 

Perfect for a warm day outdoors, the tub’s smooth surface is resistant to dog bites and contains thick MDF material within its pool walls to prevent the pool from being knocked over. 

SCIROKKO Dog Swimming Pool 

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During the summer pet owners sometimes fail to realise that dogs get uncomfortable with the heat. Even when they pant to cool themselves, a dog’s long hair makes them susceptible to overheating. 

This medium-sized pool is perfect for smaller to medium dogs and is easily foldable, making it easy to store when travelling with your pets. It’s also scratch-resistant, so dogs can energetically paddle without worrying about their claws damaging the pool. 

KandyToys 3-in-1 Paddling Pool

One of the most robust and durable dog paddling pools offered today is the KandyToys 3-in-1 dog paddling pool. This pool can withstand up to 30kgs, making it an excellent option for kids who love to swim with their dogs.

Due to its semi-rigid plastic construction, dogs can have their most intense swimming sessions and cool off without causing damage to the pool. Children can also bathe in the tub and play together with their furry friends, as the pool itself is relatively shallow.

Tubtrugs 35L Large Shallow Flexible 2-Handled Recycled Tub

A unique option among our recommendations is that this is the only pool with two handles attached to each side of the container. More of a tub than your standard dog paddling pool its plastic material makes it a strong yet flexible alternative for your dog to swim and cool down. 

Easily transportable due to its reliable grip handles, its resistance to Frost and UV makes this tub usable for years to come. 

Femor Small Size Foldable Pet Dogs Cats Paddling Pool Puppy Swimming Bathing Tub

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Do you want to introduce your dogs to the water gently? While many will eventually learn to love the water, there is a learning process. The Fermor swimming tub provides the perfect introduction as its large size can accommodate multiple pets, and thanks to its extra-tough PVC material, your dogs can swim in safely. 

The ease of assembling and disassembling this pool should also be noted; containing a screw seal on its side pet owners can easily fill and drain the pool.