What to do for your dogs birthday

Sadly, even the healthiest dogs only tend to live for a maximum of 13 years or so. Therefore, it make sense to make the most of every single birthday that you can share with him during the years that you are together.

So, why not spoil him rotten with some amazing birthday gifts that he loves? If you are going to make this his best birthday yet then the following are some of the terrific ideas that you might want to bear in mind.

Some Recommended Presents

Dog Birthday Cake Hatchwells Dog Gift Present, Treat 4in dia x 3/4in thick

Did you know that there are special birthday cakes like this that are just for pooches? This Hatchwells treat is made using only ingredients that your dog will love and that are safe for him to munch on.

It looks great as well, with a cake dog image and Happy Birthday written across it. When his special day comes along you will enjoy seeing the look on his little face as he realises that this is something utterly delicious for him to tuck into.

Paw Prints-A-Round Qualatex Latex 11 inch Balloons x 5


Made by Qualatex, these quality balloons will add fun to any canine birthday party. You get five of them with this pack, each one of them with an adorable paw print design.

These balloons can filled with either helium or air depending upon your needs. If you are going to get a cool birthday party sorted out for your Cockapoo then these balloons will add greatly to the atmosphere.


Is there a better way of treating the special Cockapoo in your life than by giving him this stunning Dog Hug Box for his birthday? Packed with incredible treats, he will find enough toys, biscuits and treats in here to make this an unforgettable day.

This cool Dog Hug Box measures up at 9x6x6 inches and is perfect for his birthday or for other special occasions. You can even choose to personalise the gift if you want to make it even more exciting for him.

Woof & Brew Luxury Pawsecco Pet-House White Wine, 250 ml

Who knew that pooches could enjoy a classy bottle of wine as well? This is a non-alcoholic tipple made out of elderflower, nettle, limewater, ginseng and water, with acidifier lactic acid and potassium sorbate as well.

This is said to be a good mixture of ingredients to keep his coat looking fantastically healthy. It is a 250ml bottle of wine which some dogs and cats love, although others might not be quite so keen.

Spoilt Rotten Pets (S2) Blue ‘IT’S MY BIRTHDAY’ Dog Bandana- All Breed Sizes Available From Tiny Chihuahua to Extra Large Newfoundland Dog

If you want the whole world to know that it is his big day then what about getting him one of these blue, Spoilt Rotten Pets (S2) Blue ‘IT’S MY BIRTHDAY’ Dog Bandanas? You can choose the perfect size for him so that it fits easily and securely.

The canine bandana has a safe popper fastening, meaning that there is no need to waste time trying to tie it in place. It is made in the UK with good quality fabrics, so you will expect it to last him a long time.

Rawhide Dog Cake with Candle & Natural Suede Piggy Ecotoy

A tasty, chewy birthday treat is ideal for making your beloved Cockapoo feel as though he is the luckiest pooch in the world. This pack gives him a brilliant rawhide dog cake, rawhide dog chews and a suede piggy ecotoy.

With a good price and lots of variety, this is the sort of birthday present that will turn this into a memorable day for everyone in your family, but especially for the family member who matters most on this day.

Suede Piggy Crunch Chew Toy, Bag of Tiddlers & Doggy Paw Print Gift Bag

This goodie bag is going to give your Cockapoo the thrill of his life when he sees it for the first time. Crammed full of treats, this paw print gift bag is almost certain to be a highlight of his special day.

The contents include a bag of tiddlers, with 100% natural air dried fish for him to enjoy. It also includes a cool pig toy that will give him hours of fun.

Natures Hampers Dog & Owners Treats Gift Bag

This excellent doggie hamper is going to be warmly welcomed at any time of year, but especially on his birthday. It comes with a pile of treats for him and also a mug for his favourite human friend to enjoy.

The food included in this Natures Hampers Dog & Owners Treats Gift Bag has a wonderful variety of snacks, treats and toys in it for him to get a lot of pleasure out of. It all comes in a nice presentation that adds to the overall appeal.

Lolo Pets Happy Birthday Dog Cake Chicken and Vegetable Flavour 250 g

If you want to take this opportunity to make this the best birthday ever then the fine Lolo Pets Happy Birthday Dog Cake is great place to get started. It is made with ingredients that are completely safe for dogs to eat and comes individually boxed.

You get a 250g layered dog biscuit cake that has a terrific filling. It is especially good for bigger dogs although you might need to break it down a bit for smaller pooches.

Dog Birthday Cake Gift Hamper

When he sees this fabulous doggie hamper your Cockapoo is going to realise that he is one lucky pooch. The highlight of this hamper is a terrific birthday cake from the Barking Bakery but there is a lot more to it than just that.

It also comes packed with goodies such as cheese flavoured popcorn, Woof & Brew Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer, venison chewies and some cool toys. There is plenty here to keep him happy and to give you a chance to play with him as well.

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