Does A Cockapoo Have A Double Coat?

The poodle and the cocker spaniel’s features will influence the Cockapoo’s coat type. Even within a litter, there may be some variation. Depending on your preference, you can have either a wavy/ringlet-style or straighter coat. 

Once the puppies are born, you can tell the type of coat they will inherit as early as a few weeks of age. Speak to an experienced breeder who has bred a cocker spaniel/poodle hybrids previously, and they will have a decent idea of the type of coat the puppies are likely to have.

Are cockapoos double coated? The Cockapoo’s coat is dense, soft, or silky, not rough fur typical of many dog breeds. The F1 Cockapoo’s coat types are low-shedding and low-dander with low-allergen properties. While not 100% hypoallergenic (no dog is), the Cockapoo is a good choice for allergy sufferers wanting a companion dog.

What Type of Hair Do Cockapoos Have?

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Let’s look further into do cockapoos have a double coat. Cockapoos have intriguing coats mainly because the two parent dogs have very different coats. Purebred Cocker Spaniels have a double-layer coat where the outer coat is typically lengthy and straight or sometimes somewhat wavy. The undercoat is much thicker and provides a softer lining for the Cocker.

Contrast this with a Poodle, which has a single-layer coat that is coarse, medium-length, and highly curly in appearance.

These coat combinations are why there’s a wide variation of coat styles and colours with adult Cockapoos

Adult Cockapoo Coats

Cockapoos have been around for a long time now and are among the most established hybrid breeds worldwide. This means breeders have a much better idea of the possible Cockapoo coat types. There are three distinct coat types within the breed:

If there are more Poodle (F1b), the offspring will have a single tight curly coat: this coat will be the lowest shedding of the three coat types. You’re less likely to see hair fall on clothes, carpets, or furnishings. This is the coat type to choose if you have any dog allergies.

The second coat type can vary between single or double-coated; it can vary from wavy to loose curls. If this coat type has an undercoat, expect some shedding through the year; however, it’s not an excessive shedding coat, and you will not see seasonal shedding.

The third coat type is double-coated, straight to a little bit wavy. This coat sheds seasonally, similar to the Cocker Spaniel.  You might not notice the hair falling so much because it gets trapped in the double coat, but it can cause severe matting.

Cockapoo Coat Maintenance

There can be four variations to how a Cockapoo coat maintenance.

Cockapoos with a flat coat that has a similar look to the Cocker Spaniel parent don’t require clipping and, apart from an occasional brush, don’t require much more maintenance.

Another variant is the coat with loose curls. This coat will need more maintenance and regular brushing. 

The coat will also require clipping every three months.

The wavy ringlet combination is a much higher maintenance coat. Once the dog reaches maturity, the coat needs clipping and trimming quite frequently, or the coat will tangle and matt.

The Poodle look has much tighter curls and is the coat needing the highest level of maintenance.

Conclusion on Do Cockapoos Have a Double Coat

Suppose you’re thinking about getting a Cockapoo puppy soon. In that case, It’s best to wait to choose puppies until they’re at least six weeks old so that a knowledgeable breeder can see and advise on what coat type and personality qualities each puppy is likely to develop.