Having Fun and Shopping for Chew Toys for Dogs

No matter our age, gender or species, we all love new toys. Yes, even adults. Although those toys are more gadgets and much more technical. The main objective is reached-joy! The look on our partner or child’s face when the toy is exactly what they were wishing for, is the most heart-warming sensation.

Making them happy makes us happy. The same goes for our furry family members. Those little eyes lit up and tail wagging at a hundred beats a second, no words are needed. The only way they can express themselves is by cuddling us and isn’t that the best way to receive thanks.

5 Tips on Choosing a toy for your pet.

  • Believe it or not size matters. Understand the appropriate toy size for your dog. A Great Dane can’t be trying to entertain itself with a Ping-Pong ball, whereas a Pug playing with a tennis ball might be more suitable.
  • Safety. Besides size, safety is key. Items too small can be swallowed and lodged in their throats. Also, remove all and any hanging parts they could get tangled up in.
  • Type. Dogs who are non-stop and have a lot of energy to burn will appreciate harder more durable toys. Thick ropes are great for pets who love to rumble and tumble, and tennis balls are always a winner. Just be sure to throw them out and any sign of breakage or tearing, you don’t want your dog to chew and eat the pieces.
  • Soft toys for more gentle dogs are fine if they just carry them around and sleep with them. If they start to shred them, rather replace it with something a bit more robust. Fluff everywhere can only bring negatives.
  • Toys that make sound or squeak are ok, if you are fine with it, but also only if the dog is not ripping it apart to get to the noise and eat it. Keep an eye if you are giving your pet a squeaky toy.

While wanting to buy our beloved fur ball every toy on the shelves and spoiling them, not all budgets allow for that. Maybe mix it up a bit by creating your own toys. You can click here https://blog.waggle.in/5-dog-toys-you-can-make-at-home-8001edd4bf10  for some great ideas on DIY projects, and you’ll soon be able to cater to your dog’s specific joys and needs.

Natural toy products.

Anyone can go to the shops and buy a bag full of dog toys and treats, but do we know where they come from? Most labels we see in products these days state they are either made in China or Vietnam. An in-mass production no doubt.

While they might be cheap at the time, it could have harmful effects down the line. Our dogs don’t want or enjoy plastic and synthetic smelling items, they want rough, natural scents. Natural textures.

You wouldn’t put harmful chemicals or dyes into their food, but they get them by having these toys in their mouths. Traces are always being ingested as they play. Check packaging labels and ingredients.

Cleaning dog chew toys.

While seeing their happy little faces bouncing up and down, ears flopping all over the place and fur flying in all directions, the amount of dirt and slobber that comes with it is not my cup of tea at the end of the day.

Cleaning dog toys is as vital as cleaning your kid’s toys. We want maximum hygiene and disease-preventing routines.

Brush off all visible dirt and debris from the toy, use a toothbrush to get in the crevices and smaller areas. Then, soak the toys in hot soapy water to soften any tough dirt or grass stains. You can use the brush on the toys while they are in the water to get them squeaky clean.

Rinse the toys off with cold water, and sanitize by running through the dishwasher once a month.

Dog dental chews.

All that biting and chewing, if not monitored, can affect your pet’s teeth. Ensure you give your pet toys that can withstand some serious chewing, and prevent any tooth damage.

Looking after their teeth hygienically also helps. We need to make sure we brush them often, same as us. But if they are like my kids who I have to hunt down when it comes to nighttime brushing routines, then the aid of dental sticks could come to the rescue for you.

There are many products on the market, each does a different function, so checking labels and properties of them is something to consider before purchasing. You can click here for some insight into perhaps making your own dental dog treats, and see if it is another option for you.


Like with all products, dog chew toys have developed over the years. Not only the shapes and sizes, who doesn’t love a luminous chicken that stretches for days, but also the durability.

They are being made from firmer more sustainable materials; they are increasingly environmentally friendly so no more bits of chewed-up rubber lying around, and have had dental hygiene care incorporated into the toys so they can play and get clean at the same time.

Some of the top toys on the market for the upcoming year have been named, so if you are looking to surprise and spoil your furry friend, then getting the latest dog chew toy is going to make their day.

My kids can’t wait for us to get a dog. I say 1 dog because that was the initial plan, but every time we walk and see someone walking their dog, my youngest will run-up to the owners and ask if its ok to touch the dog, then proceeds to cuddle the life out of it. So, the ‘one’ has become 10. Ha, like that will ever happen.

Just hoping we can make a decision as a family and not end up with one for each member of the group. That’ll be a lot of food and toys around the house.