Kong Wobbler: My Cockapoo’s Favourite Toy

The cockapoo is a notably playful and energetic dog, and none more so than Luna! Our very eager little cockapoo is always trying out new toys and the Kong Wobbler is the latest addition to her already brim-full toy box. What is it? It’s a very innovative toy that combines fun with food – and if there’s a dog that doesn’t appreciate that, we haven’t heard of it!

So what’s it all about? The Kong Wobbler is a very simple yet clever toy that dogs of any size or type will surely enjoy. Made in the USA, from safe to chew food grade polymer that is suitably high-strength to survive the rigorous conditions it will endure, it comes in two sizes. The small one would be suitable for dogs of Luna’s size, the larger for bigger and stronger breeds.

KONG - Wobbler - Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, Dishwasher Safe - For Large Dogs
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Kong Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The great thing about the Kong Wobbler is that you can unscrew the two halves and fill it with treats of your choice – preferably those that your dog loves. Make sure the treats are small enough to fall out of the hole in the side of the Kong Wobbler. The toy is balanced nicely and weighted in the base so that it wobbles and spins and rolls over, but will always return to the upright position.

As it rolls a couple of treats will fall out of the hole, and the dog will take these, then carry on playing knowing that there is more to come! Luna really loves it – as you can see in the video here – and plays for ages with the Kong Wobbler, getting a few treats but not too many while she also has fun!

Where to Buy the Kong Wobbler

There are various kong wobbler sizes available at a variety of outlets and also online at the likes of Amazon and elsewhere. It is very easy to use and will give your dog hours of enjoyment. One other great bonus is that it is dishwasher-safe, so you can simply pop it in with the rest of your stuff and it comes out clean, fresh and ready to use once more.

We really think the Kong Wobbler is one of the best toys we have come across for cockapoos and other dogs in a long time, and so does Luna! So, take it from the expert, and get your dog one of these excellent toys.

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