Kong Wobbler: My Cockapoo’s Favourite Toy

Kong Wobbler Review

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If we’re honest, we would probably agree that our dogs do not get as much mental stimulation in their lives as they could. Generally speaking, modern domestic dogs often live boring lives and only get outside for a walk once or twice a day but are not played with regularly.

When cockapoos, like other dogs, are deprived of the essential mental enrichment they need, it can lead to various issues. They can start by becoming bored and anxious, which can develop into destructive compulsive behaviours that could even turn into aggression.

One surefire way to keep those issues at bay is using a puzzle toy like the Kong Wobbler. These are perfect for ensuring that your dog is engaged and stimulated while eating food, providing them with more excitement during the more mundane moments of everyday life.

Whether you have seen the Kong Wobbler and often wondered if it was worth all the hype there seems to be around it online or have come here looking for help with keeping your dog entertained, we hope this review will provide you with all the information you need. As well as talking about why the Wobbler is a stand-out, we will also draw attention to a couple of other puzzle toys for your cockapoo.

Why do you need Puzzle Toys?

Puzzle toys are designed to stimulate your canine buddy mentally while eating dinner or a snack. Puzzle toys like the Kong Wobbler are also perfect for entertaining your dog at times of the day when you are not there to give them the full attention they need.

How Does the Mighty Kong Wobbler Actually Work?

The Kong Wobbler is undoubtedly one of the most popular puzzle toys developed by the dog toy company, Kong Company.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kong, they are responsible for designing and developing innovative dog toys and dog/pet products. The vibrant, red-coloured rubber snowman-shaped Kong seems to be anywhere where dogs are.

The Kong Wobbler is a larger version following the same concept as the original toy. It has a weighted bottom and is made from very tough rubber. If your cockapoo paws at or nudges it with its nose, the weighted bottom makes it wobble and dispenses food stored inside its internal compartment.

How Do You Use the Kong Wobbler Dog Toy?

Setting up using the Kong Wobbler with your cockapoo is straightforward.

  • You unscrew the bottom and top pieces.
  • Pour some of your cockapoo’s favourite dog food into the top piece.
  • Then rethread it together again.
  • Place the toy on the floor and watch your dog go crazy.

Remember, if your cockapoo has never used a Kong before, they may need your help to show them how it works. Tap it around to make some of the kibbles dispense out of the tiny hole, which will show them.

This is a great toy for use to increase your dog’s level of engagement and mental stimulation. It gives them a real challenge to solve before getting their food. Dogs love this kind of activity.

It creates a more fun and rewarding experience for them at meal time rather than just feeding them by putting their food or treats into their bowl where they can easily get it and helps keep them busy.

Kong Wobbler Pros and Cons

This amazing puzzle toy, the Kong Wobbler, is one I have used with our dog, Luna, a cockapoo, any time. The best thing about it is that it is incredibly easy to fill. Unscrew that top, pop the food or treats in, re-screw it, and it’s ready to go.

This means it is easy to clean with little to no hassle. It is even dishwasher safe.

However, the most significant disadvantage of the Kong wobbler is that you can’t adjust it to make it easier or harder for your dog. You can do this with other puzzle toys like the Bob-A-Lot.

Initially, Luna, my cockapoo, loved it but quickly figured it out.

So what took between 6 and 8 minutes for Luna to get all the kibble from the Kong Wobbler sped up to between 2 and 3 minutes. Just too easy to provide the same challenges.

Not all dogs are the same, but that does not necessarily mean most dogs will have the same experience. For less intelligent dogs, it may continuously provide the mental workout your dog needs for an enriched life.

If I had to highlight another problem with the Wobbler, it does not work well on carpeted surfaces compared to puzzle toys like the impressive Bob-A-Lot. It’s not a huge problem, but something worth keeping in mind if you have carpets rather than exposed wood, vinyl, or other hard surfaces in your home.

Alternatives to Kong Wobbler

While I would say that the Kong Wobbler is a toy you should consider investing in for your cockapoo, based on my experience, perhaps you want to bring some variety into your home. Maybe you’ve tried Kong already or want to know about the alternatives. Below I have listed some of the best options.

  • PupPod – the PupPod wobbler resembles the Kong Wobbler in many ways. However, the PupPod is an incredibly interactive and tech-heavy puzzle toy. Its first level works like the Wobbler. It’s when you adjust the difficulty levels that it gets trickier. With this toy at higher difficulty levels, your dog must work out the correct patterns and knock the toy when the criteria are met. This is a fantastic choice for those incredibly clever dogs with a big brain.
  • Bob-A-Lot – another great option that is remarkably like Kong’s Wobbler, the Bob-A-Lot comes with a notable difference in that you can alter its difficulty setting to make it more of a challenge by keeping the kibble compartment door closed. That way, they must wobble it and open the door to get the food.
  • Stuffed Kong – does your cockapoo or dog find knocking and moving toys a little too much? The stuffed Kong is an easier, calmer version. The difference with this one is that you stuff your dog’s food or treats into it. Generally, something wet would be best, then stick it into the freezer to freeze the food. Then you place it on the floor, and your dog can lick at the toy to get the food out. The action of licking has a calming effect on dogs. You can get these in a large kong size which will stop them from getting bored easily.

Peanut butter and scrambled eggs are great for sticking inside a stuffed Kong.

Summary – Final Thoughts On The Kong Wobbler review

There you have it, folks, all you need to know about the Kong Wobbler. I hope this review and guide have proven helpful to you when it comes to deciding whether it is right for your dog. Overall, it is one of the most popular puzzle toys among dog owners worldwide, and with good reason. This is how I feel about it, and while it was still challenging her, I know Luna loved the Wobbler and would give it 5 stars if she could.

It’s swift, easy to set up, and a great beginner toy if your dog is unfamiliar with puzzle toys. It’s also very easy to clean, which my wife and I appreciate.

As has been noted, the major downside with the Kong Wobbler is that there is only one mode and no multiple difficulty levels or any way to make it harder to give your dog more of a challenge; as soon as your dog gets used to it as Luna did, it will not provide the same level of mental stimulation. That does not mean you should buy it; it just may be a good idea to invest in some others for when it’s time to move on from it.

There is also a valid point: as all dogs are different, you may have something of a dopey (but lovable) mutt that will find endless hours of entertainment in the Wobbler.

Given its relatively simple design, I also think the Kong Wobbler is a great choice of puzzle toy for more shy and nervous dogs that need to be brought out of their shell and increase in confidence. Hesitant dogs will get the idea that knocking it and interacting with the Kong leads to them getting their favourite food and treats.

The alternatives we provided are among the best dog toys available. If you want my advice, start with the Kong and see how your dog gets on with it (Unless you know he or she is exceptionally smart). Then you can buy one of the other great toys highlighted in this guide.

Your dog will appreciate your effort by investing in these vibrant-colored and fun toys.

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