Cockapoo Vs Beagle: Which is The Right Breed for You?

Choosing between Cockapoos and Beagles isn’t as easy as you think. Both breeds are smart, adorable, and energetic and choosing only one to bring home can be confusing. However, if you really need to make a choice, there are some factors you can consider in making a proper decision.

Below is a quick comparison between the two breeds.


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Beagles have a thick and dense coat which is prone to shedding. With that, you need to pay close attention to bathing your dog with the correct shampoo to prevent dry skin and maintain the health of his fur.

Additionally, you need to pay close attention to his ears. Since beagles’ ear flaps can easily harbor bacterial and fungal infections, try to clean them once a week. Keep them dry, too.

You should also check your dog’s teeth routinely. The breed is prone to impacted canal sacs which can create a very unpleasant odour. Those sacs need to be drained every 6 weeks or so by your groomer or vet.

Cockapoos, on the other hand, require moderate maintenance. Although they have minimal shedding, their medium length curly or wavy hair requires routine brushing to prevent tangles and matting. They may also require frequent trips to grooming parlors to get their hair professionally cut.


Beagles and cockapoos don’t require any special type of diet. In fact, they will eat just about anything.

However, since beagles are more active, particularly when they are engaged in agility and tracking competition, a high-protein diet may be necessary. With that, you can pick a dog food that’s formulated with fish, whole meats, and poultry. They should also get enough essential fatty acids to make sure that their coat remains shiny.

For puppies, however, the fresh meat of turkey, chicken, and lamb are recommended. They can also be given steamed or raw vegetables to provide the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong. As for frequency of feeding, Beagle puppies need to be fed about 3 to 4 small meals per day.

For cockapoos, it’s best to feed them with dry food. It will help avoid any oral health problems, like bad breath, gum diseases, and tooth decays. Additionally, they can also be given vegetables, brown rice, and chicken to provide some variety. You can also give them pure raw meat from time to time as it helps avoid allergies.


Beagles are playful and affectionate in nature. They like to explore and run around as they are really full of energy. Because of that, they’ll benefit more from active families who own a yard.

Beagles, however, are likely to experience separation anxiety, destructiveness, and excessive barking. One way to avoid those issues to make sure that your beagle is adequately exercised. They will benefit from taking long walks in the park or keeping them preoccupied with lots of toys.

Cockapoos tend to have the same personality. They like running around and playing with the kids in the yard. They also have this tendency to gravitate towards family members and even to strangers. With that, it’s important to keep cockapoos close by or on a leash while walking outdoors. They will go great lengths just to be near or socialize with other pets and humans.

An example of young Cockapoo


Beagles are considered as hound dogs. They are precisely classified as scent hounds bred for hunting hare. If you take a close look at beagles, you’ll find them similar to foxhounds.

Cockapoos, on the other hand, are known to be toy dogs. They aren’t incessant barkers but they will bark once in a while, particularly if there are strangers at home or they are left alone for several hours.


In general, beagles are known for being difficult to train, They can be stubborn so obedience training should be started as early as possible. Beagles, however, respond well to positive reinforcement. You can use rewards and treats to make training a lot easier.

Cockapoos, on the other hand, are really intelligent dogs, making them easy to train. This is because they have this desire to always please humans. Most cockapoos can follow the basic commands by 6 months.

Now, apart from their intelligence, cockapoos are also naturally affectionate dogs. This makes them one of the best therapy dogs.

Lifespan and Overall Health

On average, Beagles can live for about 12 to 14 years. Their lifespan is a bit higher than other purebred dogs of the same size.

Despite the longer lifespan, however, Beagles are prone to a long list of hereditary defects and health conditions. It includes the Beagle Pain Syndrome, corneal dystrophy, hypothyroidism, pulmonic stenosis, deafness, narcolepsy, and glaucoma.

Cockapoos have the same lifespan as Beagles. They are prone to cataracts, ear infections, patellar luxation, and liver diseases.

Cockapoo vs Beagle: Which Dog to Get?

The answer to that question will depend on your lifestyle, personality, and the space you have at home.

If you are an active person, you can get either of the two breeds. Beagles and Cockapoos are lively and full of energy. They need to be engaged in exercises and games to make sure that they don’t end up getting bored and destroying things at home.

While they are classified as small dogs, you need to have an adequate space for them to run around and play. If you live in a small apartment, the high energy of the dogs can be a problem.

Now, if you still want to get them despite the limited space you have at home, you need to make sure that you’re able to bring them for frequent walks in the park. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise have a tendency to develop disruptive behaviours. They can end up hurting themselves or destroying things at home.

You should also consider your health. Since Beagles tend to shed, their fur has the potential to cause allergies. However, when it comes to maintenance, Cockapoos require a more meticulous grooming routine because of their fur.

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