Why Is My Cockapoo Rolling In Fox Poo

If your gorgeous cockapoo has ever rolled in fox poo you will not forget it in a hurry. But why do they do this is the question, well, there is actually no definitive answer that has been proven.

Here I would like to point out that poop rolling not only results in an extremely smelly dog it can be dangerous to both yours and your dogs’ health. 

Wild foxes can carry diseases and intestinal parasites and worms, although in Britain we do not have to be over-zealous about this, it is still a risk that is there and one that all dog owners should be aware of.

Why dogs roll in fox poo

The first theory is that, just as camouflage is used by hunters, wild dogs used fox poo, or in fact, any other gross smelling muck that they can find, to camouflage their scent when hunting. By doing this they could smell like the prey they were hunting down, and therefore, make it easier to catch. 

Here’s another interesting fact or should I say theory, for you, it is said that your dog’s wild ancestors would actually cover their pups in faeces too, this would achieve similar results and hide the pups from their prey while the parents were out hunting.    

But, during my research into this, I have also found that the opinion of a lot of people is that they just love it, plain and simple. As cockapoos or any other domestic dog are stimulated by smell, especially strong-smelling substances like fox poop along with other smelly things such as a dead animal or even sheep poop, as these are all a dream come true for them. 

Unfortunately, even with the evolution of dogs and whatever the reason why, some of our beautiful domesticated dogs can still have the urge to do this, much to us the owners’ horror, as this really is a smell that you could not possibly live with and worse still it seems to stay around forever. 

Can you stop your dog rolling in fox poo

Probably not as there is not really a perfect solution to scent rolling. Unless you spot the smelly mess first, or, any signs that your dog may show to alert you to the fact that they are about to roll. 

Yes, a lot of dogs will give you a sign so watch them carefully, learn their behaviour and what they do when they discover the droppings and more importantly what they do just before they are about to roll. 

Ensure that you have a good strong word, either a recall command,  or maybe ‘STOP’, ‘LEAVE IT’ the choice is yours, but, remember their urge is great so the word and response to it will have to be greater. If you get the desired result then ensure that you have a little healthy treat ready to give them. 

What methods are there to remove the smell of fox poo 

There are various products that are available on the market today that will quickly eliminate that awful lingering smell. If you are reading this because you have only just realised your dog is a ‘poop roller’ then, believe it or not, there is fox poo shampoo out there specifically to deal with the strong scent of fox faeces.

You can also purchase odour neutralisers that will work for both the dogs, furniture and more importantly your car if you have had to place your stinking cockapoo in it to get him or her back home.  

A lot of these products contain an odour eliminator and take away the need to give your gorgeous cockapoo a thorough wash under the shower, the last thing you need is a wet cockapoo, or any domestic dog, in the winter, so make sure you check this out before rushing out and just getting an all in one total shampoo.

Look into the natural methods, some people state that tomato ketchup, baby oil or even baking powder can be used, but check these methods out thoroughly before using them, as for one thing I can imagine that tomato ketchup may well stain if not used correctly.