Running With Your Cockapoo

A question I see a lot in Facebook groups is “Can I take my Cockapoo running with me?”.

The answer is yes, you can.

However, you must wait until their joints and bones are properly developed. Don’t go taking them for a run at 6 months old. Even though they may look like they are loving it, you could actually be doing their tiny joints damage which could cause them problems later in life.

Instead, wait until they are 18 months or older. By then, their joints will be fully developed.

Some Tips

Start Small

Just like us, it’s not advisable to just take them out for 10 miles on their first-ever run. Instead, start small and slowly build up over time. 

When you first take your Cockapoo for a run its advisable to just go out for a few kilometres or so to see how they get on. You might find that they are running all over the place and are almost tripping you up with the lead going in front of you. My cockapoo always walks on my left hand side, and naturally when we go running she runs on that side, however she will still sometimes decide she wants to run right across me, so its definitely worth keeping an eye on them at all times.

Park Runs

My ideal run with Luna is our local park run. Dogs are allowed to run with their owners and Luna gets lots of attention off other runners. Luna is a lot faster than me, as I’m not a great runner, so I do feel like I am holding her back at times.

We have probably done 20 or so park runs together now and there’s always loads of other dogs with their owners and sometimes some other Cockapoos.

Bigger Runs

Personally, I’ve only done a few larger runs with Luna as I’m not a big long-distance runner. I’ve read a lot on Facebook about some taking their dogs on massive runs (10 to 12 miles) and their dogs cope fine. I’m not a vet or dog expert but if I was to do runs that big I wouldn’t do them that often and make sure that I take plenty of small breaks to make sure they are ok.

Listen To Your Cockapoo

We have all heard the phrase “listen to your body” when we have worked out too hard and need a rest. Unfortunately, a Cockapoo can’t talk to us and tell us that we need a break. However, you should be able to tell from your dog’s body language when they need to go a bit slower or take a break. At times you may feel like your dog is loving it and isn’t stopping, but if you decided you wanted to run 100 miles, chances are your dog would want to do the whole 100 with you because you are in their pack and they want to be with you.

Cockapoos are a mix of 2 energetic breeds (the spaniel and poodle) but they are still not as good a runner as some breeds of dog that were purposely bred for running or hunting.

Keep An Eye On The Weather

If you are a dedicated runner then you probably run whatever the weather. Our dogs, on the other hand, are constantly wearing a furry coat 24 hours a day. This means that if it’s too hot then you really shouldn’t be taking your dog for a run. They will get hotter a lot faster than you do and you don’t want them collapsing on you.

There are also times when it will be too cold for running. You don’t want your dog slipping on the ice and injuring themselves.

What Should You Take With You?

Nobody wants their hands full with them when they are running. That’s why you should maybe take a look at buying a running belt. You can put your water bottle inside these, your dog poo bags and a few treats or too. This should make your running easier and allow you to keep your hands free.

What Kind Of Lead?

Personally, I just run with a normal lead that’s a bit longer than a normal lead. Its a got a bit of a spring in the lead which feels nice when I’m running.

If I was to run more then I’d maybe take a look at a proper running lead that goes around the waist. This allows you to be totally hands-free when running and it’s maybe something I’ll try when I become a bit more confident running with Luna.