Best Harness for Cockapoos?

Cockapoo parents wanting to walk their dogs safely need to choose an exceptional Cockapoo harness. A correctly fitting, reliable, comfortable and the best harness they can purchase, is what they are looking for. Plus, you want one which is straightforward and easy to put on. When a Cockapoo is jumping around and excited about going for his walk, you can’t be fumbling around trying to figure out which way is up. If you want the best harness then it will take some serious research.

So if you’re feeling overawed because there are so many harness choices available, we are here to help and point you in the right direction. Let us take away the stress of finding your perfect Cockapoo harness for you and your best friend. After reading through our reviews of all the excellent Cockapoo harnesses, you should have an excellent idea which is the best harness and will offer your Cockapoo a comfy and safe fit.

Best Harness for Your Cockapoo

No-Pull Dog Harness 

The rabbitgoo will stop Cockapoos from pulling and is available in four sizes, from small to X-large and ten colours.

If you have a dog that pulls like a freight train, you need to look at top-quality dog harnesses. Even small dogs like a Jack Russell can pull as though their lives depend on how quickly they can get somewhere. So a larger and more substantial dog, like a Cockapoo, who enjoys pulling and half choking himself, needs the rabbitgoo.

The rabbitgoo allows dog owners better control over a pulling dog by attaching your leash to the front clip. The harness turns the dog around instead of being able to pull forward. Your Cockapoo will soon get fed up with going nowhere and quickly learn pulling is not going to get him where he thinks he wants to go.

The features of the rabbitgoo are impressive—for example, the padded air mesh fabric to hold your dog tightly but comfortably. The outer material is terrible weather-resistant, with reflective threads, no need for the weather to prevent walks when using the rabbitgoo. On top of the harness is a handle for instant control in an emergency.

There are four main sizes of the rabbitgoo, but there are two neck and two chest straps with each size, for an even snugger fit for your dog. Securing the harness are two fast-release side buckles on either side of the dog.

Should you wish to use the rabbitgoo as a safety harness in the car, you can have a restraining strap that fits into the seat belt clip. As far as harnesses go this one is first class.

Why We Like It

The rabbitgoo dog harness combines as a walking harness and is an excellent car restraint.

Key Features

  • The harness is simple to put on and off.
  • It prevents the dog from pulling forwards.
  • Feature-rich harness with soft padding, weather-resistant material, top grab handle, front and back lead attachments, and fully adjustable side straps.
  • Reflective stitching.
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Best harness overall.

RUFFWEAR – Front Range Dog Harness

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective Padded No Pull Harness, Red Sumac, Medium
7,814 Reviews

The ever-popular RUFFWEAR Front Range harness offers two attachment points, one for the chest and the other between the shoulders. There are five sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. If you buy the small version when Your Cockapoo is a puppy, there’s the ability to move up to larger sizes as he grows.

The two attachment points will resist your dog from pulling. Cheap badly made harnesses can rub and be painful for Cockapoos around the chest area, but the RUFFWEAR has reinforced padding in that area, making it more comfortable for the dog. Using harnesses like these avoids any pressure on the dog’s trachea; you will not hear that hoarse coughing and honking with the Front Range.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, even Cockapoos, and while it can be challenging to find harnesses suitable for every different dog size, the RUFFWEAR comes mighty close with four points of adjustment and five different sizes. There’s also a pocket for your dog’s ID tags.

With a choice of five bright and prominent colours, you will definitely see your dog, irrespective of the time of day or the countryside. There’s also reflective trim, which is a must for dog collars and harnesses.

Why We Like It

The RUFFWEAR front range dog harness is superior in comfort, safety and security at this price range.

Key Features

  • Quick and straightforward for dog owners to put on their dog.
  • Two attachment points help stop dogs from pulling.
  • Top-quality materials.
  • Foam-padded straps across the chest and stomach areas.
  • Four points of adjustment help to find an ideal fit.
  • Six bright, prominent colours.
  • The design offers all Cockapoos easy and free movement.
  • Best harness in its class.

RUFFWEAR Lightweight Dog Harness

If you want the same high quality as the Front Range, but in a lightweight and washable material, the RUFFWEAR lightweight is the one you should consider. Another really good harness from RUFFWEAR. The harness is suitable for small to medium Cockapoos, as a puppy harness and is available in two colours, twilight grey, and sockeye red.

Use this harness when the weather turns hot, wet, or muddy, and your Cockapoo will thank you.

There’s some give and take when you compare this harness to the Front Range because you don’t get as high functionality levels. For example, there’s no padding in case of excessive pulling, but you can keep it looking pristine, and the lightweight material helps it dry quickly. If you’re struggling with pulling, then I suggest the Front Range, but if that’s not an issue and you like to wash your dog harness regularly, then the RUFFWEAR lightweight is the one to choose.

RUFFWEAR incorporates mountaineering technology in the robust nylon material and woven straps they use to manufacture this dog harness. The material’s design sees a padded chest and stomach panel ( not offering the Front Range’s higher levels). It is high visibility with the obligatory reflective trim and a secure pocket for your dog’s ID.

Cockapoos may be able to pull a little with this harness, but it still protects the trachea area, and you won’t hear your dog coughing and wheezing.

Why We Like It

The RUFFWEAR lightweight dog harness is the best for hot and wet weather use. Easily washable and drys quickly.

Key Features

  • Lightweight design.
  • Quick and straightforward to put on.
  • Quick-drying material that’s also washable.
  • Choice of colours.
  • Strong woven straps.
  • A secure pocket for dog’s ID tags.
  • Best harness for all-weather use.

Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

Another good harness The juxzh Truelove is an exceptionally well made no-pull harness for larger dogs. For example, there are some excellent features, long-life scratch-resistant material for the outer layers, ergonomic design for making it straightforward to put on and off, and large-load Draflex buckles for secure fastening.

The harness has a lightweight mesh lining and sponge padding for the dog to be comfortable in the chest and stomach areas.

For safety, there is high strength nylon webbing with reflective strips for visibility in the dark. If you want to take your Cockapoo in the car with you, there is a strong handle to pass the car’s safety belts through, which will act as a restraint.

Whether your Cockapoo is a heavy puller or not, the harness has two attachment points-an aluminium-alloy V-Ring between the shoulders and a stainless steel O-ring in the chest, specifically for Cockapoos who pull.

Suppose you enjoy hiking with your Cockapoo over some rough terrain; in that case, the strong handle will allow you to lift the dog over large or potentially dangerous hazards without causing any discomfort.

Why We Like It

The juxzh Truelove dog harness is the best harness for outdoor activities.

Key Features

  • Two lead attachment points.
  • Excellent no-pull dog harness.
  • The price point is good for exceptional quality.
  • Grab handle on top of the harness for safety and security purposes.
  • Soft sponge padding in both the chest and stomach areas.

Embark Pets Adventure Dog Harness

The Embark pets adventure is a no-pull, no choke Cockapoo harness available in three colours and four sizes.

You can walk, jog or even run with your dog using the Embark and if you need to pull up quickly or lift your dog for some reason, the grab handle will allow you to do so quite safely. There’s been a quality and safety revamp on the front D ring and fastening buckles to enhance security and durability. 

Even though there are four sizes from small to X-large, the extra-long straps allow for enough adjustments within each size range for an excellent snug fit. A sizing chart is available to make sure you have the best size for your particular dog breed.

For durability, the harness manufacturers use lightweight military-grade no-rip nylon. Even though it’s high strength and durable, the harness will not cause chafing or burning when you exercise your dog.

If your dog is a heavy puller, or you train him to walk on the lead correctly, you’ll find the Embark an extremely useful Cockapoo harness. The heavy padding around the neck will prevent damage to the trachea, and attaching the lead to the chest area ring will cut down on the pulling and the training time.

When you buy from Embark, you are also helping animal charities such as the RSPCA. The company has donated thousands of new and slightly used harnesses to charity.

Why We Like It

The Embark dog harness is accompanied by exceptional and focused customer service based in the UK.

Key Features

  • Two lead attachment positions.
  • Fantastic quality for the price.
  • Reliable customer service.
  • It is made from lightweight military-grade no-rip nylon.
  • Extra sponge padding in the chest and stomach areas.
  • Four sizes available, each with extra adjustability.

Julius-K9 Powerharness

Julius-K9, 162P0, K9-Powerharness, dog harness, Size: 0, Black
16,530 Reviews
Julius-K9, 162P0, K9-Powerharness, dog harness, Size: 0, Black
  • Size: Chest circumference: 58-76 cm, Dog’s...

The Julius-K9 is a well known and popular brand for dog harnesses. There’s a choice of eight sizes to suit any size dog and numerous colour preferences for even the pickiest of owners. 

The design is a little different from most of the harnesses in this buying guide. It looks a bit like a saddle with the harness sides covering the sides of the dog. The design will not work as a no-pull harness with the lead attachment in situ over the dog’s back.

There’s a grab handle to lift the dog on top of the harness for quick security and safety. To secure the chest strap is a hook and loop type fastening and the stomach strap fastens with a heavy-duty plastic quick-release buckle.

If you like to decorate the harness, you can customise your Cockapoo’s harness with phosphorescent patches with a Julius-K9 logo. If you don’t want to use their logo, then you can customise your design.

The K9 construction is an impregnated scratch-resistant outer layer and a breathable inner lining. The design creates a weight distribution comfortable for the dog and robust seams, so there’s no fear of them tearing under heavy exercise—the reflective strips on the K9 fit on the chest strap for higher visibility.

Why We Like It

The Julius-K9 dog harness is excellent value for money and is straightforward to put on.

Key Features

  • Quick grab handle on top for safety and security of the dog.
  • Very simple and straightforward to put on and take off.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Numerous colour choices.
  • Sizes from 3XS to 2XL.
  • Surface material repels water.

TrueLove Dog Harness TLH5651

The Truelove no pull dog harness is available in eleven colour choices and five different sizes.

There are two attachment areas for the lead, one over the back between the shoulders via a zinc-alloy D-ring and the other under the stomach a zinc-alloy O-ring. 

Even if your Cockapoo is a serious puller, load capacity buckles, double stitching and tensile strength will be more than adequate to cope. For additional comfort, there is soft padding inside the harness. The outer layer is a durable scratch-resistant material and a soft mesh lining inside. The nylon webbing is also a reflective material for high visibility in the dark. The design also offers elasticated chest straps which help not to restrict the dog’s movement.

When taking measurements to reduce the dog’s chest size by two inches to order the correct Cockapoo harness, this will allow room to adjust the straps for a more snug fit.

If you find your Cockapoo still pulling hard, or at least trying to, then buy a double lead trainer with your harness. Attach one strap to the back ring and the other strap to the chest ring, and you’ll find your dog cannot pull because of the front lead. It might work better for you.

This harness has an excellent reputation for helping owners who have serious pullers, to get them under control and walking nicely to heel. The difference it makes is quite astonishing.

Why We Like It

The Truelove dog harness fits snugly but the elasticated chest straps mean it’s never too tight and does not restrict movement.

Key Features

  • Choice of eleven colours and five sizes.
  • Soft, comfortable padding in the chest and stomach areas.
  • Refective nylon webbing.
  • Lightweight Duraflex buckle.
  • Two lead attachment points, one over the back and one in the chest area.
  • Scratch-resistant material.

Puppia Soft Harness

Puppia Soft Harness, XXL, Red
17,617 Reviews
Puppia Soft Harness, XXL, Red
  • Polyester air-mesh, comfortable around neck

The Puppia is available with a choice of fourteen colours and six sizes. Primarily suitable for small to medium dogs, it will fit comfortably on a Cockapoo.

The material is lovely soft polyester strong and very lightweight air-mesh that fits nice and snug around the neck but doesn’t cut in. The harness is not a design to prevent your dog from pulling., but will make an excellent Cockapoo harness.

Why We Like It

The Puppia dog harness makes a perfect and comfortable puppy harness.

Key Features

  • Budget price point.
  • Very Soft breathable polyester.
  • Soft enough not to cut and rub the dog’s neck.
  • A big choice of colours and sizes.
  • Best puppy harness.

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

There’s massive twenty-plus colour combinations and seven sizes available, so even the most discerning Cockapoo owner will find something to suit.

The leg’s lines are a different colour resulting in the harnesses being even more attractive and distinctive. They will fit your Cockapoo perfectly.

The Voyager is a perfect harness for all types of weather, hot or cold because the breathable mesh gives plenty of air circulation. It’s so lightweight if it does get wet, it will dry very quickly.

The fastening straps are on the dog’s back to make it easy to buckle and is flexible so your dog can exercise without fear of the harness or straps rubbing and hurting your dog.

If your dog hates things going over her head, then the step-in design will be a great comfort. Nighttime visibility is of course taken care of by reflective strips on each side of the harness.

There are three layers of safety and security, the hook and loop fastener, buckle and D-rings work in harmony for secure and safe fastening.

Why We Like It

The Voyager dog harness has an impressive combination of over twenty colours.

Key Features

  • A considerable colour combination is available.
  • Smart colour coding with the leg lines being a different colour.
  • Soft, lightweight material that will dry quickly.
  • Three-layer safety and security.
  • Easy to put on and take off.

Dog Harness Buyers Guide

What Makes A Good Cockapoo Harness?

What Material Is Used: To a large extent, this will depend on where you like to walk your Cockapoo. If getting muddy or wet happens a lot, then you need lightweight, breathable and washable material.

Comfort: This goes without saying is the most important from your Cockapoo’s perspective. He’s the one wearing it, and if it hurts or chafes, then he’s not going to be happy with you.

Size: Similar to comfort. If it’s the wrong size then it will be uncomfortable, and you’ll run the risk of it hurting your dog, or he might even wriggle out of it. So getting the correct size is very crucial.

Age: The harness needs to grow with your Cockapoo, if possible. If it doesn’t allow enough adjustment, then you’ll end up buying more than one.

Adjustable: Must be flexible, for the reason we gave earlier, regarding age, and because dogs come in different sizes and shapes, even if they are all Cockapoos.


Every quality harness has advantages and disadvantages, and you’ll need to think carefully about which one is best for your dog. We hope we have given you a good selection of different harnesses and covered all the critical considerations. We know you want a great Cockapoo harness and I’m sure you will find one in this buying guide.

If you are a cat lover, then you could also get yourself a cat harness as well.


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