5 Great Dog Walking Bottles For Summer

If you’re a dog owner who loves to travel while bringing your beloved companion for the ride, then keeping a water bottle with you is a must. Like people, dogs need to stay hydrated too and the bigger the dog, the more water they require. 

When going on long walks, you shouldn’t have to resort to a polluted pond for your dog to quench their thirst. Instead, keeping a dog’s water bottle is an effective way of ensuring your pet receives a fresh supply of clean water consistently. Highly convenient these bottles typically feature a dispenser, allowing your dog to drink straight from the bottle. 

As far as dog water bottles go, since there are numerous options out there, we’ve decided to narrow it down giving our top 5. Take a look!

DryMartine CJMJ Dog Water Bottle

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Whether you’re casually strolling down the street or running long distances with your dog, this water bottle will no doubt provide your thirsty friend with a good supply of fresh water. Recently upgraded to 550ml, it has a large enough capacity to keep your dog hydrated for long periods.

The bottle itself is made from high-quality material and is leakproof, making it perfect for turbulent journeys where water bottles typically fall over and spill. 

PETKIT EVERSWEET Travel Pet Water Bottle

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If providing clean water to your dog is among your top priorities, then this water bottle is worth every penny. This water bottle was designed to give your dog the freshest supply of clean water, preventing bacteria from getting inside with a built-in sealed cup. 

Slightly more expensive than most water bottles, its water purification system can remove impurities from the tap or boiled water, hydrating your pet with the cleanest water available on the go. 

Nobby Travelling Water Bottle

Nobby Travelling Water Bottle
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Available at an affordable price that will fit every pet owner’s budget, the Nobby Travelling Water Bottle is an ideal choice to quench your dog’s thirst wherever you are. 

A no-frills product that gets the job done on a warm summer’s day, it contains a handle which easily attaches to your travelling bag during long walks with your dog. 

Rosewood Easy Use Dog Travel Water Bottle with Stylish Leaf Design, Green

  • The Portable Leaf Travel Bottle is a portable...

This bright green water bottle provides excellent functionality with style. Coming with a portable drinking dispenser and carabiner, this water bottle can be attached to bags and travel crates during long periods of travel. 

Perfect for that camping trip you promised your dog when he was old enough, the water bottle’s leaf when detached turns into a portable water bowl. It’s lightweight and slim design makes it easy to pour water on your dogs’ backs when they need to be quickly cooled off during those extra hot days.

Portable Dog Water Bottle Bowl

Whether you’re playing fetch outside or going on a backpacking trip, this water bottle also acts as a water bowl, saving you the trouble of bringing an extra container to pour the water in for your dog. 

Designed to prevent water leakage while carrying 18 ozs of freshwater, this bottle can supply throughout the entire day, making it a suitable option for long treks. 

It also has a multifunctional carabiner which enables a dog owner to carry a variety of additional items, including camping gear, hang lanterns and keys.