Tips for Getting a Cockapoo Puppy

So you’ve researched and decided that the goofy, adorable Cockapoo mix is the dog for you. The breed makes excellent family pets with their highly trainable and friendly personalities; they’re bound to pull at your heartstrings.

Your next step is finding your future family member and getting everything set up for them to come home, so we’ve put together a handy guide of what to look for.

Finding the Right Breeder.

Finding the right breeder is vital to ensuring you get a well-rounded and healthy puppy to add to the family instead of spending their lifetime stockpiling vet bills. Make sure you look for the telltale signs of a good breeder.

Most good breeders will:

  • Allow you to meet the parents (at least the mum)
  • Let you meet the whole litter
  • Raise their puppies in a home setting with regular socialising
  • Genetic test their adults
  • Vet check puppies
  • Vaccinate puppies
  • Ask you questions

Not only do you want a breeder that can show you that they’ve genetically tested the hips and health of their breeding dogs, but they should be happy for you to ask questions. This can be a big red flag if they want to meet you somewhere away from their premises and won’t let you see where the puppy is being raised.

Good breeders will also ask you questions to ensure their puppies are going to good homes. The Cockapoo Club of GB (CCGB) is a great place to start your search but make sure you talk with a breeder before committing to a puppy, so you know they practice good health and welfare with their dogs.

Meeting the Litter and Picking Your Puppy.

You should be able to meet the litter before choosing the right puppy for you, but the breeder will sometimes suggest a puppy if they get to know you enough to know what you’re looking for.

If you have a family with young children, you will look for a nice confident puppy that doesn’t worry too much about quick movements or noises. If you have a quieter lifestyle, nurturing a more withdrawn personality that might shy away from busier environments may suit you.

Whatever personality you’re looking for, all puppies should look healthy. They should be nice and clean with clear eyes and shiny coats. Any discharge or lethargy seen from the litter may be a sign that they’re unwell so you want to ensure you’re bringing a healthy pup home.

Setting up for Success.

Once you have your puppy picked, the exciting part comes next: making sure you have everything ready to welcome them home. You should think about if you want to crate train them and where they will sleep at night. They’ll need the following:

  • Bed options
  • Toys to help with teething
  • Bowls for water and food
  • Treats for training!
  • Puppy pads
  • Collar, ID tag and lead

Remember to put anything you don’t want a puppy running away with out of sight, and then you’re ready to welcome your new bundle of fluff home!