Do Cockapoos Like to Swim?

Do cockapoos like water? Cockapoos are natural-born swimmers, and most of them will jump into anything holding even the slightest bit of water.

Can Cockapoos Swim?

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Dogs can be like humans; some like swimming, and others don’t. But cockapoos are very water orientated. There are several reasons for this, and to find out about them, we need to look at the breeds they are bred from, Poodles and Spaniels.

Poodles were bred to retrieve small animals from the water, so there are water tendencies on that side of the family. Poodles have webbed feet, which helps propel them along in the water. But what about Spaniels?

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Spaniels love water too; they were used to hunting and often that involved water. They were not like Poodles but were used for woodland hunting. Woodlands, however, often contain puddles and streams, and cocker spaniels are happy to have a dip in the water.

Cockapoos often love swimming, and sometimes you will find they have webbed feet to help them. Not all cockapoos have webbed feet – they take a random genetic structure from both spaniels and poodles – and just because both parents don’t have webbed feet doesn’t mean that your cockapoo won’t have them.

If you want your cockapoo to be a water dog, you will need to teach them about water from a young age. Older dogs can also be trained, but it’s better to teach a dog when they are young; it’s easier for them to pick up. Here are some top tips to help your cockapoo to learn to swim.

First of all, be patient. Thirty minutes of patience now will mean your dog will have a lifetime of fun with water rather than be permanently scared of the water. You will need either a pool that you can go into with your dog or, if you are out in the countryside, a small pond and some sticks and toys, plus another dog for your dog to copy. The other dog must be experienced and happy in the water.

Before you take them out in the open to try water, or even if they are in a pool, get them a water-resistant coat, especially for swimming. Get one with a handle because it is important if they get tired, you can just reach and grab them out of the water. The same applies if they get into difficulty or get tangled in underwater weeds. That coat could be the difference between life and death, so don’t skimp on this.

You will need to get them used to the water jacket, so as usual, just put it on them for a few minutes and give them lots of praise. Take it off, leave it for a few hours, and then pop it on again. Let the water jacket become associated with treats and praise, and soon he will be happy to have it on whenever you like.

Outdoor Cockapoo Swimming

Do cockapoos like water if its outdoors? If you are outdoors, you want your cockapoo to see how awesome fun it is for dogs to swim in the water. So, play with your mentor dog; throw sticks and water toys for him to retrieve. Get in the water yourself, if possible, just up to your ankles so your dog can see it is safe and fun. You will find your dog gets more excited at all the fun. Expect them to run up and down the bank, maybe even bark as they get more excited. Soon they will get to the point where they can bear it no longer, and they will jump into the water. Give them plenty of praise and ensure they know you are delighted with them.

Cockapoos don’t have a two-layer coat to keep them warm and the water at bay, so you must keep a close eye on your dog. If he shows any discomfort or they look tired, get them out of the water quickly. Keep a few thick towels to dry them with; microfibre towels are ideal.

Once your dog gets more confident with swimming outside, you could even try taking your dog kayaking, as then you can both get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. We recommend a little life jacket for this, though and calm water. These guys have put together a great video on how to do this.

Swimming Pool With A Cockapoo

Do cockapoos like water if its in a swimming pool? If you teach your cockapoo pup to swim in a swimming pool, you must get into the water yourself. Play with your dog around the pool and tell him that water is fun. Then encourage your cockapoo into the water with his favourite toy. He will get very excited and run around the pool.

If there are steps into the pool and you feel your cockapoo is ready, just put him on the first step. It shouldn’t be too deep and not out of his depth. Let him stay there while you play with his toy, and give him lots of praise. You can give him small treats of food if food is what motivates him but keep them very small. Dogs can get tummy aches playing in the water on a full stomach.

It helps if you have a human companion at this point, someone your dog loves and trusts. Let them hold him in the water and stand a short distance away, just a couple of metres. Call your cockapoo and see if he will swim to you. If he does, great, but if not, don’t force him. Stay patient. Getting into the water in someone’s arms might be enough for him this time, and he may want to try swimming next time. It’s worth being patient right now.

One way to know that he is ready to try swimming on his own is if he starts to paddle with his legs when he gets into the water. A cockapoo that starts to paddle is keen to swim. Try calling him from a distance away and have the other person let him go. He will try to swim to you. When dogs swim, they put their heads forward and paddle enthusiastically.

When your dog has the hang of it, it’s easy to want to spend a long time in and around the pool. But if your dog is a pup, it won’t have the energy to keep on swimming and swimming as you do. So, just let him swim in short bursts with rests in between. If he slows down in the water, just take him out, wrap him up well, and ensure he stays warm and dry.

You and your dog can have hours of fun in the water, but he will need to learn about water and how to swim. Cockapoos are usually keen swimmers but make sure your cockapoo is happy in the water, be very patient and let him acclimatise to it in his own time. Then you will have a cockapoo that can’t wait to get in and swim with you.

Do Cockapoos Like to Swim in the Sea?

Cockapoos are known for their love of water and often enjoy swimming in the sea. However, it is essential to make sure that your Cockapoo is properly supervised when swimming in the sea, as there are some dangers that they may encounter. Make sure to keep an eye on your Cockapoo when they are swimming in the sea.

Do cockapoos like to swim in lakes?

Yes, cockapoos like to swim in lakes. They enjoy the water and love to play fetch in it. However, you should ensure that the lake water is clean and not stagnant before letting them swim. If the water does not look clean, it may have blue-green algae, which can harm your cockapoo.

Stay Calm When Swimming With Your Cockapoo

One of the best ways to stay calm when swimming with a cockapoo is to remain upbeat. Dogs can sense our emotions, so if we are stressed or panicked, they will likely pick up on that and become agitated. It’s important to show our cockapoo that we are confident and relaxed to help them stay calm in the water.

Another way to stay calm when swimming with a cockapoo is to keep our movements smooth and gentle. Again, dogs can sense our emotions; if we are jerky or frantic in our motions, they will become more anxious. By keeping our movements smooth and slow, we can help to reassure our cockapoo that everything is okay.

Finally, it is essential to remember to praise our cockapoo often when swimming. This will help them to associate the experience with positive emotions and make them more likely to stay calm in the future. If we can remain calm, positive, and gentle, we will help our cockapoo to enjoy their time.

Will a Cockapoo Swim Better If Its With Other Dogs?

Do cockapoos like water if other dogs are there? There’s no definitive answer to this question, as each cockapoo has individual preferences and personality traits. Some cockapoos may enjoy swimming with other dogs, while others prefer swimming alone or with humans.

Ultimately, it depends on your cockapoo’s unique temperament and habits. However, if your cockapoo enjoys swimming with other dogs, it may be more likely to swim better in the presence of another dog it knows and trusts. The cockapoo will feel more comfortable and confident in the water if it has a canine companion.

Safety Ideas For Swimming With a Cockapoo

When taking your cockapoo swimming, keeping their safety in mind is important. Here are a few tips to make sure they stay safe while having fun in the water:

1. Make sure the water is not too cold: It’s important to ensure the water your cockapoo will be swimming in is not too cold. This can cause them to get hypothermia, which can be deadly.

2. Have them wear a life jacket: It is crucial for any dog swimming, especially for cockapoos. They are small and can tire quickly, so a life jacket will help them stay afloat and not get too tired.

3. Watch out for signs they are tired: It’s essential to watch your cockapoo while swimming to ensure they don’t get too tired. Some signs they might be getting too tired are if they start to slow down, if they start to paddle with their front legs only, or if they start to swim in a circle. If you see any of these signs, bring them out of the water and take a break.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has helped answer the question of whether can cockapoos swim. Please let us know in the comments below if you have any tips or advice on teaching your cockapoo to swim.

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