What Dogs Do Cockapoos Get Along With?

A Cockapoo may be small in stature, but just like their parents, these lovely dogs have a great personalities. 

They are extremely friendly but have a charming nature and can quickly adapt to their home. However, unlike other breeds, you will find that these dogs do not like being left alone. Unfortunately, there are some dogs that can suffer quite badly from separation anxiety. 

If left alone for any length, they can soon begin to cause havoc in your home. So it is worth considering getting a companion for yours, especially if you will be leaving them alone for any length of time. 

Of course, consider getting another cockapoo as a companion to the one you have now. But, consider another breed of dog instead. 

Below we look at other breeds of dogs that would make the perfect companion for your cockapoo. 

So what dogs do Cockapoos get along with that would make a good companion for yours?

6 Of The Best Dogs That Will Get Along With Your Cockapoo

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Breed 1 – Bearded Collie 

Just like a Cockapoo, this breed of dog is very fun loving and also has a great deal of energy. They also have a peaceful nature and quickly make friends with other dogs. 

Due to their friendly nature, they are ideal pets if you have children, just like a Cockapoo is suitable. 

However, we wouldn’t suggest you get such a breed as a companion for your pet if you live in an apartment. As these dogs are very energetic, they need plenty of space to be able to run around. 

Breed 2 – English Setter 

You will notice that this breed that they have a much calmer and gentler nature compared to some other species we suggest. They are also a breed like the Cockapoo that does not like being left alone

Like a Cockapoo, they make great family pets as they are very friendly, even around strangers, and do not become aggressive quickly. 

You will find that, like the Cockapoo, they will constantly seek the attention of their owners, and so will be more than happy to spend time with your pet. 

Breed 3 – Welsh Springer Spaniel 

Just as with the Cockapoo, you will find that is a particular breed of dog, like the Cocker Spaniel, is eager to please. They are also extremely clever and would make the ideal companion for your dog. 

You will notice that with this breed, they are very laid back and do not tend to get very angry. They also love to play not only with other dogs, but also with children, so making them the ideal pet for any family. 

They may be small in stature, just like your Cockapoo, but they are extremely alert and will protect you and your family against any strangers or intruders. 

Breed 4 – Labrador 

Cockapoos and Labradors are very sociable animals whose characteristics are very similar. This is why these two breeds would make perfect companions for each other. 

When you bring a Labrador into you, you will find that it won’t take them to get acquainted with your Cockapoo. This is because both of these have been bred specifically so that they bond well with humans. 

Both the Labrador and Cockapoo have excellent social skills, and as long as you introduce them to each other in the correct way, they will quickly get along with each other. 

Breed 5 – Boxer

Some people may argue that getting a Boxer as a companion for a Cockapoo isn’t such a great idea. But I have to say that a Boxer would make a perfect companion. 

Just like the Cockapoo, this breed has a great deal of energy and loves nothing more than to spend time cuddling up with its owners. As the Cockapoo is part Cocker Spaniel, you will find that these two breeds have the same kind of temperament. 

Breed 6 – Yorkshire Terrier 

If you are looking for a companion for your Cockapoo that loves nothing more than snuggle up with you, look no further than the Yorkshire Terrier. 

Like Cockapoos, this breed will constantly seek their owners’ attention and be prone to separation anxiety. Yet they can be pretty feisty, but are still a dog that gets on with other dogs without any real problems and do well around children. 

Above are six breeds of dogs that will prove a great companion for your Cockapoo because they have similar temperaments and traits. But it is crucial that if you want to bring another dog into your home, you socialize with your pet from an early age. 

You should introduce them to other dogs as soon as they have their first vaccinations. This way, it will help them to see that interacting with other dogs is normal. 

We hope that you find the information in this article helpful, and we would love to know what, if any, other breeds of dog you choose as a companion for your Cockapoo.