Do Cockapoos Smell? Ways To Solve It

Cockapoos are popular because of their pleasant personalities and low-shedding coats. Dog breeders claim Cockapoos are hypoallergenic; however, no dog is truly hypoallergenic.

Another reason dog owners choose Cockapoos, besides their endearing personalities,  is that they give off no discernible doggy cockapoo smell. 

However, that’s not strictly true because Cockapoos, like any other dog, can develop a strange smell,  sometimes even if they are clean and well looked after.

A balanced diet, washing their bedding, and proper grooming are all ways Cockapoo owners can keep their dogs smell-free. Regular vet visits are crucial to diagnosing bacterial infections, yeast overgrowths, and mites in cockapoos’ ears which are all responsible for bad smells.

Because a Cockapoo is a low-shedding dog, that doesn’t mean they never smell. There are reasons why a typically low-shedding unsmelly dog should start to smell bad. So let’s discuss why a Cockapoo sometimes smells and why you are wondering, “my cockapoo stinks?”

Why Does My Cockapoo Smell?

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Your Cockapoo should be pretty odourless under normal circumstances. Odour can occur in all dog breeds in certain situations.

Should your Cockapoo suddenly start becoming a stinky dog,  that’s something you need to investigate as soon as possible. Identifying the source of the foul cockapoo smell is crucial.

There can be several causes for your Cockapoo’s nasty smell. With such high-energy dogs, they will always be into something on their daily walks, especially if you let them off the lead. If it’s not the usual culprits of dirt and mud, it could be your Cockapoo has rolled in something disgusting, such as a dead creature, or a favourite is fox poo.

A good old-fashioned bath should address the problem if this is the case. However, if it’s a dead creature or fox poo, you will probably need some special shampoo to remove the cockapoo smell thoroughly. If your Cockapoo rolls in fox poo, you’ll find this article helpful because it covers how to get rid of the terrible clingy smell.

Dogs with floppy ears, like your Cockapoo, can have a difficult time with ear infections, mites, and other ear issues. The floppy ears come from the Cocker Spaniel parent. You’ll soon know if a fungal or bacterial infection develops because the smell is pretty bad when you get close to your dog. The good news is that this can be easily remedied.

Floppy ears can cause moisture build-up in the ear canal; if the ears are not cleaned out regularly, that can quickly develop into an infection. However, don’t rush to get the cotton buds because your Cockapoo needs to go to the vet. Once you notice the smell, it’s already too late. Your dog will need prescription drops and possibly an anti-inflammatory injection.

Once the vet has given the all-clear, from then on, you need to keep the inside of your dog’s ears dry and wax-free. Dogs such as Cockapoos also have a lot of hair growing inside their ears. This hair needs regular removal because that’s a significant cause of moisture getting trapped inside the ear canal. If you feel squeamish about removing the hair, ask your vet to do it or show you the best way to remove it.

Are Cockapoos Smelly

Another reason for smelly Cockapoos is their breath. Undoubtedly all dogs suffer from bad breath at one time or another; it’s not just pertinent to Cockapoos.

There are several reasons why this might be happening. Do you clean your Cockapoo’s teeth regularly? You should, because a severe plaque build-up can turn to gum disease, and that’s when you’ll quickly become aware of the terrible smell. Cockapoo bad breath means another trip to the vet because those teeth and gums need a good clean.

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums, bone, and other supporting structures of a dog’s teeth. This disease will progressively get worse without treatment. 

Gum disease in dogs often shows no symptoms until it has progressed to an advanced stage due to the disease’s ability to hide beneath the gum line.

Allowing periodontal disease to progress to the worst stage means the vet will need to extract the dog’s teeth. In addition, the list of severe illnesses that can develop is frightening. For example, untreated, periodontal disease can result from jaw fractures, Tooth abscesses, oral cancers, possible organ damage, and eye issues. So, please clean your Cockapoo’s teeth regularly and stop that cockapoo bad breath from happening.

Why Does My Cockapoo Smell Fishy?

If you get a whiff of a fishy smell and wonder why my cockapoo stinks when you get up close to your dog probably, it’s your Cockapoo’s anal glands that are impacted and require releasing.

Smaller than a pea, you will find the anal sacs on either side of the dog’s rectum. The sacs secrete an oily substance that mixes with your dog’s poo. If you’ve ever wondered why dogs are so fascinated with another dog’s poo, this is why. Dogs and other animals use it as a marker to identify a particular territory, whether it’s a female, whether they are ready to mate, and so on.

In addition to the fishy smell alerting you to an issue, you might have noticed your Cockapoo “scooting.” The dog will sit and then begin dragging their butt along the floor. When you see this, pop along to your vet, and they will release the gland for you.

Why Does My Cockapoo Smell Of Wee?

Most of the time, if your Cockapoo smells like wee, it’s because they’ve peed on themselves. If you don’t know exactly how it’s happening, You will need to keep your eye on your dog to find out where the pee originates. Typically dogs seem to take great pleasure rolling in stuff that’s none too pleasant, including other dogs or animals’ pee.

If you don’t see any external reasons why the dog smells of wee, some health conditions can also give off a strong urine smell and then it could be worth going to the vet and asking their advice.

Incontinence and Dribbling

If there are no other issues, such as what we’ve just discussed, it could be an incontinence or dribbling problem, and this issue can be minor or severe. Their age, weak bladder muscles, an infection, an accident such as nerve damage, or even a genetic anomaly are all causes of this problem.

“Spay incontinence” is a condition that can occur in female dogs that have been spayed. Incontinence and dribbling can be seen more often in older female dogs.

Dogs might also leak a little when they are sleeping. The urine smell will transfer to their blankets or bed, and they’ll lie there, transferring the smell to their fur. Ensure you check their bedding for any urine smell. If there is, it will indicate an issue you should discuss with your vet.

A Quick Trim

The smell might emanate from something as simple as your dog peeing through the hair in that area, and some pee is trapped in the hair. If you inspect down there and the hair is yellow, that’s a sure sign of what’s happening. You need to wash the area and clip away the excess hair thoroughly.

Kidney Health Problem

Kidneys are an integral part of the process of creating urine, so it there are any health problems with the organ, your Cockapoo’s breath, skin, and hair can all smell of urine. 

Urinary Tract Infection

Another possible reason for a strong urine smell could be a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). A UTI will cause your dog to pee more frequently, increasing the likelihood that their pee will smell like urine.

Other Things To Consider Regarding Do Cockapoos Smell

Wash Your Dog’s Bedding

Ensure that your dog’s bedding is washed regularly. We recommend at least once a week as that’s about the same time you would change your bedding at home.

Their Diet

A poor diet and poor dog food can lead to many problems, affect their breath, and cause other problems. Dog toothpaste can be a short-term remedy for this, but if it keeps happening, you should contact your vet to look into this issue, as they may have dental problems.

Regular bathing

Our Cockapoo probably has a bath every 2 weeks. Sometimes it’s less, and sometimes it’s more. It depends on the weather and whether we feel she needs it. She also has regular grooming about every 6 weeks. Her coat is more Cocker Spaniel than Poodle, so her coat does not get too full of knots.

Final Thoughts on Do Cockapoos Smell

While it’s common for dogs to be smelly, your Cockapoo isn’t immune to foul smells; they are typically not smelly dogs. Yes, if you leave them without a bath long enough, they will begin to smell; that’s pretty natural. But overall, Cockapoos are straightforward dogs to live with if a great deal of shedding and grooming are two areas that put you off having a dog.

If you bathe and groom your Cockapoo regularly and take proper care of its ears and teeth because those areas are crucial and two of the most common reasons for a smelly Cockapoo, you will be fine. 

It’s highly unlikely your Cockapoo will give off that overpowering dog odour that some dogs carry around wherever they go.  The only exception to this is as I’ve described above, but if none of those reasons exists, I would say you’re in for a pleasant smelly time and won’t have to worry about are cockapoos smelly.