Why Does My Cockapoo Stink?

We are not talking about farts today. That was covered in another article that you can find here.

Today, we are talking about various other smells that might be coming from your dog and have you concerned.

Teeth And Bad Breath

As your dog gets older they are likely to get a build-up of tartar on their teeth. You will be lying there on the sofa, and the next minute your decides it wants to lick your face and you get a whiff of their bad breath. Getting bad breath is normal for a dog, but if it’s really bad then maybe look at some dental chews or a more natural chew like a deer antler that will help keep their teeth strong and remove any build-up.

Our cockapoo is now 4 and a half and at our last checkup, we were told that its time for her teeth to have a deep clean at the vets. This involves having her put under anaesthetic while they do it. It’s about £200 which isn’t cheap, but its something we will do before the end of the year to look after her health. We do have some finger toothbrushes that you put some dog toothpaste on, but its been really hard work to try and use it on her.

Anal Glands

If you have a weird fishy smell coming from your dog, then it could be a sign that their anal glands need emptying. We have had luna’s emptied twice over the 4 years that we have had her. Once was when she had a dodgy stomach and the vets said her anal glands were full and emptied them. I can’t remember what the other time was, but the smell was not a pleasant one and it can’t have been nice for Luna either.


Your cockapoo is half cocker spaniel, which is known for having some issues with their ears. We have another article here which focuses on the ears and ear cleaners. Check your cockapoos ears weekly and get them used to having their ears cleaned regularly. Reward them with a treat after it.

When Were They Last Bathed?

Bathing a cockapoo too much can be bad for their fur. However, you need to think about when the last time you gave them a bath was. Sometimes we will just randomly decide that shes not had one for a while and give her a quick bath. All we have to say is “Lunas bath” and she knows what’s going to happen. I don’t think she’s the biggest fan of it, but she goes along with it and doesn’t play up. We maybe bathe her once a month, or more in the winter months if shes come home covered in mud which can happen quite a lot. Somehow, she always seems to find the one big muddy puddle on a field and goes and lies in it.

What Have They Been Rolling In?

Cockapoos and most dogs can’t help themselves when it comes to rolling in fox poo. This has a distinct smell to it and you will definitely know if they have been in it. Its also quite hard to get out of their fur. On the odd occasion, we have got some scissors out and cut out a chunk of her hair that was covered in it.

Maybe They Need A Professional Groom

We have a good groomer at the daycare where Luna goes. We do groom Luna ourselves at home by keeping her knot-free and giving her a quick trim. However a few times a year we feel like she needs a professional touch as they have the equipment and can get to places we can’t. 


If the smell doesn’t seem right and is around for a few days it’s definitely worth a trip to the vets. I think this should be done especially if the smells coming from their rear end as they may have an issue that needs sorting.