Are Cockapoos Good House Dogs?

When you are getting a dog, you will want to ensure it will be a good fit for your household. Depending on what you have in your home and who else shares it with you, you will want an animal that will not be a disruptive or overly destructive influence. Does a cockapoo fit the bill for your household? Consider some great reasons you won’t regret welcoming a cockapoo into your family and home.

Cockapoos Are Incredibly Trainable

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Cockapoos are the resulting puppies from the cross-breeding between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. Two highly intelligent breeds. Which means that cockapoos are inherently smart creatures. This means they are incredibly trainable. So, even if, during their puppy years, they are disruptive and even a little destructive, you can still work past it. Training cockapoos requires patience, perseverance and consistency. However, when you put the effort in, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Cockapoos and Children

That cockapoos are a great family pet is a point made by most experts, breeders and owners. They can get on very well with children, especially with supervision. Often children and cockapoos will form unbreakable bonds. So, there is no real reason to worry about introducing a cockapoo to your family and children.

Cockapoos and Other Animals

Do you already have another dog, a cat, or another animal or animal? There is no need to worry about bringing a cockapoo into a house with other animals, even dogs. Cockapoos’ playful and happy personality is extended to pets. You will gradually introduce him or her to the family, but once he or she is settled with everyone else, things should be okay.

Cockapoos Do Not Shed

One of the most common reasons why many people choose cockapoos as their family pets is because of their hair and the fact they don’t shed. While this is good for your home as it means there is not quite as much mess and that people who have allergies to dog hair or dander will be unlikely to be triggered, it does mean you have a lot of work ahead of you. You will need to brush out your cockapoo regularly. You may also choose to take your cockapoo along to a groomer.

Cockapoos and House Training

We have already highlighted how trainable cockapoos generally are. With this in mind, it follows that they are also trainable when teaching them to do their business outside. It will take some time, but they will eventually get there. 


To summarise, if you are interested in getting a cockapoo but want to know if they are a good house dog or not, for the most part, they are. Even when it comes to house training them to do their toilets outside. The trainable side to the cockapoo’s personality makes it easy – you need to be consistent and patient.