Why Does My Cockapoo Scratch The Carpet?

When you bring a cockapoo into your home, one of the concerns you may have is protecting your furniture. However, even if your dog does not attack, scratch or chew the furniture, you may have noticed that he or she has started scratching and tearing at your carpet. Why do they do this? Often it is just because they enjoy digging – it is a natural and instinctive thing for dogs to dig, or it’s because they are trying to make a comfortable area for them to settle down on.

Those are not the only reasons they love to scratch and dig at carpets. Some of the other common reasons cockapoos and other dogs like to do this include:

Excessive Energy Levels

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Some dogs, including cockapoos, are very energetic by nature, and when they find it hard to get rid of all that built-up energy, they will take creative measures to do it. Unfortunately, scratching, tearing and digging at your carpet is one of these creative ways. If you think it is because they have too much energy that is not being burnt off, then you need to make sure you give your cockapoo lots of mental and physical stimulation. When you have to leave the house, ensure your cockapoo has engaging, interactive toys, they can play with to reduce the chances of them becoming bored.

Obsessive, Compulsive Behaviour

Following the above, dogs that suffer from boredom, including cockapoos, can develop obsessive and compulsive behaviours. Scratching, digging and tearing at your carpets is one of these and again, this is normally the result of a lack of mental and physical exercise. Dogs with lots of energy developing kinds of behaviour. More sensitive cockapoos may start digging and scratching at carpets because they find the environment distressing. If your cockapoo has developed these kinds of obsessive behaviours, there is no shame at all in hiring a professional canine behaviourist

Smells and Scents

If you’ve ever been pulled by a cockapoo while out and about because they picked up a scent in one little patch of grass, you will know first-hand how powerful the dog’s sense of smell can be. The same thing can happen in your house. All it takes is for your dog to pick up an interesting scent, and then they might start digging at the patch of carpet they think is the source.

What’s the solution? Clean up any spillages, food that drops or anything else as soon as possible to stop your dog from having something to dig at.

Abnormal Behaviours Caused by Illness

If your cockapoo has not scratched or dug at your carpets and started doing it suddenly, this could be a sign that they are ill. It could be that they have developed some neurological condition. The sooner you get them to the vet, the better if you think this might be the case. Another illness that could cause your dog to act destructive is thyroid imbalances. In the worst-case scenario, your cockapoo could have developed a brain tumour that triggers abnormal canine behaviour. A vet can assess and examine your dog to determine whether there is any medical problem.

Anxiety and Fear

Another reason cockapoos dig or scratch at carpets is that they are fearful or anxious. Does your dog do it whenever they hear noises outside the house? Furthermore, dogs scratch and dig at your carpets whenever owners leave homes. This is triggered by separation anxiety and their way of showing signs they are not happy with you leaving him or her alone. To stop this effectively, it may be a good idea to work with a canine behavioural expert who will help you get to the root of the problem. Then they can work on breaking the habit.

It’s Too Cold or Too Hot

Similarly to wolves, dogs used to dig dens to keep themselves protected and safe before they became domestic animals. These caves protected them against snow, rain and cold winds. When your cockapoo scratches at your carpets, it could indicate the temperature is too hot or too cold.

If your cockapoo spends a lot of time outside, it may also dig at the cool soil in your garden to help them cool down. However, if they are mostly indoors, they will do this to your carpet. That is why it is crucial to monitor your home’s temperature and ensure it is exactly right for your cockapoo.

Additionally, you should ensure your dog has a blanket it can dig into during colder nights. If you are crafty or know someone who is, you could make or get them to make a sweater for your dog for the winter. When summer comes along and the temperature’s warmer, make sure they have enough cool and clean water and give them a chance to spend more time outdoors.

Hiding Treasure

For cockapoos and other dogs, hiding things is part of their survival strategy. In the wild, dogs would hide additional food for when they are hungry later. Your dog may need to hide food and other things away from other pets or you. They will generally find a spot that they think is safest.

Although carpets are not thick enough to hide things in, dogs will still try to gid at them to hide toys, treats and anything else they want to keep to themselves. As this type of digging and scratching is instinctive, you can combat it and correct it using training.


In general, digging and scratching is instinctive for the majority of animals, including dogs like cockapoos. The best way to deal with your cockapoo if it is digging at your carpet is to figure out what is triggering it.

Suppose you are still having trouble combatting carpet digging and scratching. In that case, you can take your dog to the vet to see if they have any underlying medical issues or conditions that could be causing this behaviour. You can also work with a canine behavioural expert.