Are Cockapoos Good With Cats?

Do you own a Cockapoo and thinking about getting a cat or the reverse? Do cockapoos get on with cats? Worrying about their reaction to each other is a big concern. You certainly don’t want to see any aggression between the two; neither do you want your high-energy Cockapoo chasing the cat all day. 

No one wants to see that, and it’s unfair on the pet cat if they want to be left alone because, as lovable as cats can be, they tend to like their own space. In addition, the cat might eventually get sick and tired of trying to find somewhere to hide every time your Cockapoo appears, and the cat could even turn nasty. Let’s take a look and see are cockapoos good with cats?

Do Cockapoos Get Along With Cats?

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Many pet owners wrongly assume that all dogs hate cats and vice versa, and all they’ll do all day is try to kill each other. Various dog breeds are well-suited to the company of cats. In addition, training a dog to be more comfortable around cats is possible even if the dog isn’t a natural cat lover.

However, we’re looking at Cockapoos specifically and how they react to cats, and if a Cockapoo could be trained to at least tolerate a cat. The good news is that according to animal experts, Cockapoos get five out of five in a cat friendliness score.

We love the image above, and if someone asked do cockapoos get along with cats, then based on that picture, you would say yes.

Introducing A Cockapoo To A Cat

You need to introduce your Cockapoo and the cat with care in the early stages; you can’t just bring one or the other home and plop them on the floor and say, “we’ve brought you a new friend.” That’s undoubtedly a recipe for disaster and some damaged egos, and you would answer no when asked if cockapoos get along with cats. The good news is that a cockapoo temperament with cats is pretty good when compared to other dogs.

Follow these simple steps to discover the best way to introduce your Cockapoo and cat.

  • It’s important to teach your Cockapoo basic commands such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘down,’ and even ‘heel’ are all helpful to control your Cockapoo if they start to get over-excited.
  • Create a separate area for your cat and Cockapoo where the other animal cannot enter.
  • Begin by keeping them apart for a few days, then gradually bring them together. Make sure your Cockapoo and cat are up to date on their vaccinations.
  • Feed your Cockapoo and your cat on opposite sides of a closed door. Doing it this way will ensure they are aware of each other during feeding and equate their existence with positive feelings.
  • Once they both accept the other eating on the opposite side of the door and are completely relaxed, you can introduce them to one area of the house where you want them to meet.

Keep your Cockapoo on a lead for the first few sessions and keep them short and peaceful. You should give both animals a tasty snack when the meetings begin to go well.

  • Keep these daily face-to-face meetings going. Preserve your pets’ favourite treats for these special sessions. Let your cat go if they want, but make sure your Cockapoo doesn’t follow. Close out the sessions before any animals show signs of stress or aggressiveness. 
  • When they appear to be getting along, allow them to spend more time together. However, prepare to stop the sessions if there are any signs of aggression. Go back to the previous steps and start them again if there’s tension.

Cockapoos are lovable people-pleasing dogs and not an aggressive breed; however, they are full of energy and do bound around quite a bit. This behaviour is typically not what cats enjoy and will try to keep out of the dog’s way. When a cockapoo jumps about, it would be pretty easy to injure a cat.

How Are Cats With Cockapoos?

If you already have a cat and you’re bringing a Cockapoo into the situation, you’re better getting a young puppy rather than an adult dog set in their way. Puppies, by their nature, are playful and, because they are pretty small, won’t harm a cat. Besides, as long as a cat has somewhere high it can reach, it will always have an escape route if the puppy gets too boisterous.

A couple of years back, some friends of ours decided to get a Cockapoo, and they already had a cat at home. Their cat was typical of most cats, didn’t appreciate much fuss, and preferred to spend time alone. Our friend’s Cockapoo puppy was naturally full of energy and continually wanted to play. However, they persevered, and while the cat and dog don’t sleep together, they have a kind of mutual respect going on between them. 

Their Cockapoo has learned that when the cat isn’t in the mood, she’s best left alone, so their Cockapoo finds other ways to entertain himself.


Do cockapoos like cats

Final Thoughts

Here’s a lovely image of a cockapoo with cats. Many cats, in fact, and they all look quite chilled.

We hope we have helped you with the topic – are cockapoos good with cats. Cockapoos can get on with cats; much will depend on the individual animals. However, that’s not something you’ll find the answer to until you put a cat and your Cockapoo together. Hopefully, this article has helped you to find out the answer to “are cockapoos good with cats”.

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